Kids Will Be Over the Moon for These Gorgeous Outer-Space Crafts

The stars and sky hold some major appeal, and for good reason; is there anything more beautiful or awe-inspiring than outer space? The mystery of the universe is pretty powerful and bewitching for all ages. Lucky for you — and for this week’s moon landing anniversary celebration — there’s no shortage of creative and unique crafts you can do with your kiddos to bring a little bit of the galaxy into your home. From constellations to the planets, the dark, infinite universe has been a guiding force for we lil’ humans since the beginning of time, so let it guide your tiny astronomer to spend some time dreaming (and crafting). The sky’s the limit.

These crafts offer the perfect combo of fun, art, and science — plus they’re a great chance to impart some knowledge without sounding too much like your kid’s least favorite science teacher. So channel your inner Neil Degrasse Tyson, bust out the glitter, and jet off to infinity and beyond with these gorgeous outer space crafts.

Moon Phases Wall Hanging DIY
Image: A Beautiful Mess.

As usual, the sister team behind A Beautiful Mess hits the nail on the head with this beautiful and surprisingly easy DIY moon phases wall hanging. Add some mystique to your walls with this craft, which requires only oven-bake clay, metallic paint, a circular cookie cutter, and twine.

Image: Design Sponge.

If your kids are older, this DIY constellation table runner from Design Sponge is the perfect accent for a desk or bedside table — and it’s so simple, you need zero sewing skills to make it. Sounds like our kind of sewing project. Add some beads or sequins if your teen wants to bling it out a little bit more, and they can also personalize it by adding specific constellations that are meaningful to them.

Galaxy Nails DIY
Image: A Beautiful Mess.

Alright, I don’t know if a manicure counts as a craft, but this galaxy nails DIY is beyond beautiful, and unlike most nail-painting endeavors (at least for me) it’s so straightforward, you can do it to yourself and wind up with ten incredible galaxies on your nails — instead of just five on your left hand. Head on over to A Beautiful Mess for the full tutorial.


Color blocked galaxy coasters
Image: A Kailo Chic Life.

These color-blocked galaxy coasters from A Kailo Chic Life combine fashion with function in the most out-of-this-world way, with three easy materials: marble tiles, painter’s tape, and alcohol inks. A few swirls and spatters later, and voila! An interstellar masterpiece.

Moon phases lights
Image: The House That Lars Built.

Was anyone else obsessed with hanging lights in their room as a kid? This moon phases DIY from the marvelous minds behind The House That Lars Built is the stuff dreams are made of, and it doubles as the most badass nightlight ever. Some string lights and gold leaf paint combine to make this DIY a project Neil Armstrong would be proud of.

Moon phases hair accessories
Image: Be Makeful.

This wearable wonder from Be Makeful transforms a boring updo into a statement. The marbled moon phases hair accessory is quick and easy — and hey, while you’re making moons, go nuts and try some stars or planets as well. Add some glitter or stick with white and gray; the world (er, universe) is your oyster.

Color Blocked Galaxy Mirrors
Image: A Kailo Chic Life.

As if your kid needed another excuse to make faces in the mirror, these color-blocked galaxy swirl mirrors just gave your walls a major upgrade. Be careful though: The tutorial from A Kailo Chic Life is so easy, you might just find other things in your house suddenly undergoing a galaxy-inspired makeover. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Outer Space Crafts
Image: A Beautiful Mess. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows