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Huggies Releases a Brand New ‘Perfect’ Diaper & Parents Are Loving It

Finding the perfect diaper can be hard for any new parent, but we were especially excited when we heard Huggies was rolling out a new, more eco-friendly diaper. The brand new Huggies Special Delivery diapers claim to be the perfect diaper for parents who are looking for a more natural disposable diaper that not only feels nice, but works well too.

Special Delivery goes a step further by using plant-based materials (derived from sugarcane) in the baby-side liner and the diaper waistband. The diapers also check a few other boxes naturally-inclined parents may be interested in — they’re free of parabens, fragrance and elemental chlorine.

Huggies Special Delivery

Early reviews sing the praises of these diapers, too — one 4-star review notes that while they’re not a fan of the fact that these diapers are not biodegradable, they really like the fit and feel of the Special Delivery diapers. “They are basically the same as little snugglers, same great fit just softer and less plasticky feeling, and they don’t have that ‘dotty’ texture inside,” writes Jenny M. on Amazon.

The brand is also getting props on social media for more thoughtful, diverse images on its packaging.

Currently, one Amazon listing has Special Delivery diapers available for $24.99 a box, no matter what size you need, and as with many other types of diapers, the quantity differs with each size — so the newborn pack contains 66 diapers, size 1 contains 72 diapers and size 2 goes back down to 66. From size 3 on, the quantity reduces each time you size up. The price, though, remains $24.99 across the board.

This means they are more costly than other types of Huggies diapers, however. Their size 3 pack of Little Movers diapers, for example, runs around the same price ($24.27), but contains 84 diapers for a per-diaper cost of $0.28 (compared to Special Delivery’s price per diaper of $0.43 for the same size).

For those who are looking for a more natural disposable diaper, these might be worth checking out, if the cost doesn’t turn you off. Of course, babies are all different, and while some reviews say that these dipes contain blowouts, your baby might be more skilled and could still paint the walls. It’s just like all things in parenting — you’ll just have to try them and see.

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