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Jenna Jameson Defends Daughter, Blasts Toilet-Training Troll Who Shamed Her

Jennifer Mattern

Do not tell Jenna Jameson how to toilet-train her daughter. One online meanie tried just that, and Jameson responded in her June 30 Instagram Story, on full blast.

How did it go down? You know the drill: Your basic know-it-all breed of mommy-shamer popped on to Jameson’s social media with unsolicited toilet-training advice. And what parent doesn’t simply adore unsolicited toilet-training advice from a self-righteous stranger?

“Have you started toilet training? I have raised 3 daughters and all three were FULLY trained at Batel’s age. You film a lot and [I] see nothing about encouraging toilet training,” wrote the troll.

But wait. It gets sooo much better. This sancti-mommy is so full of herself, she’s practically bursting. She goes on: “I also breast-fed all three of my daughters, the longest was until 2 years and 2 months. If your child is capable of lifting up your shirt and asking for it, [in] our North American culture this is when you need to do what is best for your child and not you. She is beautiful and smart so [do] not inhibit her for your personal fulfillment.”

Um, what? First off, we think somebody needs to look up the definition of “inhibit” before they get all high and mighty on Jenna Jameson. That doesn’t even make sense. But we need not have worried. Because Jameson was more than capable of taking down this pompous troll in one fell swoop. Chop and sack.

The Honey author and former adult film star snapped a screenshot of the incredibly annoying comment and shared it with her fans with the sarcastic captions, “You tried it,” and “Girl bye.”

Jameson — who is breastfeeding — also snapped back, “In my opinion ‘training’ a child before they’re ready is detrimental. I know a lot about child development and nowhere is it taught to wean a child because of ‘North American culture.’ You sound ignorant and judgmental.” She continued, “My daughter is perfect and I could care less what you think. So mind your business, Jordy.”

Telling someone else how to potty-train their kid is not the hill you want to die on, Twitterverse. It’s a very individual process, and there’s no one right way. Yes, we’ve done the research and are happy to share our top 10 potty-training tips, but we’re also the first to admit that only you and your kid know what works best for you both. No one on the planet has ever said, “Oh, I instantly trained my child to use the toilet and give up diapers forever after a stranger on the internet shamed my approach and offered me unsolicited advice.” Just…no.

Jameson’s been on the receiving end of trash-talking trolls before when it comes to her parenting — and her general keep-it-real approach online. When one sad soul complained to Jameson that she never says “no” to her daughter, Jameson replied, “Lol because saying no to a two year old shuts down all the wildness.” She then added GIFs that said, “Shut up” and “Cool story tell me more,” natch. Like we said: Do not mess with Jenna Jameson and her parenting. In fact, how about none of us mess with anybody else’s parenting, ever? That’d be cool, right? Cool. Good talk.



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