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This Mom’s Nickname for Her Nonbinary Kid Is Genius Parenting

Occasionally we catch a moment of top-shelf parenting so sweet, we have to shout it from the rooftops. When one loving mom’s child came out as nonbinary, Mom’s prior nickname of “baby girl” was no longer right for her kid. So, she came up with a new gender-neutral nickname that’s just as sweet.

Baby goat! What’s cuter, after all? Plus it’s got the bonus acronym meaning of “greatest of all time.” It all adds up to the completely perfect swap for a no-longer-useful “baby girl” endearment.

Twitter was quick to praise the mama in question for her huge heart and adaptable thinking. One Twitter user said she was going to print out the tweet and frame it; another declared the mom who came up with “baby goat” the winner of all Pride Month awards.

Scary Mommy talked with the original poster (and the baby goat), Karuna (@blondbutch on Twitter), and asked how their mom was faring with all the internet fame. “She was shocked and a little bit giddy. We both were,” Karuna said. “She was also touched that the tweet got so many heartfelt loving responses. We were talking last night and she commented on how the reason it went viral is probably because it’s really rare for parents to fully support their LGBT kids and a lot of people find comfort knowing accepting moms are out there.”

Also, a baby goat is actually, well…

Well played, mama. We surfed around a bit on the internet to see if there was, in fact, a repository of nonbinary, non-gendered sweet nicknames for those struggling to come up with their own. Nonbinary representation matters, and dammit, we wanted to know what was out there. Tumblr had one list in play from @lilchaoswitch, offering Cutie, Little One, Honey Bear, Baby Bear and Pumpkin, among others:

Tumblr non-binary nicknames

Pretty much any adorable animal is a safe bet. “Baby boy” can transition pretty easily to “baby bear” or “baby bae,” even. “Baby girl” goes easily to “goat” or “goose,” but honking, flapping geese are just not quite as cute as goats, let’s face it. Mom nailed it first time around. We bet this mom can handle anything.


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