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Busy Philipps Gets Real About Fame With Her Daughters: ‘It Shouldn’t Be Scary’

Busy Philipps — actor and host of the (now-canceled, grrr) late-night show Busy Tonight — recently opened up about how a trip to Disneyland became a teachable moment about fame for her daughters, Cricket, 6, and Birdie, 10. Philipps did a cover story for Michigan Avenue, in which she spoke about the sometimes overwhelming attention she and her daughters received at the famous theme park in May.

“I took the girls to Disneyland yesterday for Mother’s Day,” Philipps said, “and Birdie, my daughter, got freaked out because the difference even since the last time we were there [was so dramatic]… People were taking pictures of us and [calling out] at me, and it was weirdly overwhelming and not truly a thing that I feel like I want or even signed up for.”

Philipps was quick on her feet — and addressed Birdie’s anxiety about the situation with some serious mama grace. According to Michigan Avenue, she told her daughter, “I know it’s tough for you to have to share your mom with everybody, and that people think they know you and your sister and your dad — but at some point I think you’ll understand better that it’s a positive thing that people feel towards me. It’s not negative and it shouldn’t be scary.”

Philipps added to the magazine, “If it does feel scary for her, I get it, because it’s weird. But it’s also nice that people feel connected to me, because I’m a person who’s also always wanted to feel connected to everyone else.”

We definitely feel connected to the always-relatable Philipps, who graciously spoke with SheKnows in an exclusive interview in December 2018. She talked with us about the struggle of working-mom guilt — and how she hopes that someday her girls will understand why she made the choices she did:

“I don’t know if anyone comes to terms with mom guilt or if you just get used to it. I have to fly to New York for a work obligation literally the day of both my children’s holiday concerts at school. We asked if we could move the work thing, and we can’t, so I’m going to miss them,” Philipps told SheKnows. “And of course there will be video and pictures, but my heart is a little broken. But at the same time, I know that they’re able to see me living my dream and doing the thing that I’ve always wanted to do since I was their age. And I hope somewhere, that worms into their brain, and that’s an incredible thing.”

The fearless Philipps also took time to chat with SheKnows in June 2018 about her take on parenting her way through difficult topics like sexual consent with her daughters (then 9 and 4). “…[I]n terms of consent, [I’m discussing] what that means…. in a way, weirdly, my husband [writer and producer Mark Silverstein] and I… we definitely have a more clearly defined job right now in terms of raising young girls who are going to become awesome women.”

We have no doubt that Birdie and Cricket will become awesome women with a mom like Philipps. Hey, late-night TV? Get your act together and get Philipps back on the air. We moms need empowered, honest representation like her.




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