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Luna Legend Recounts Her Dream About a “Witch Baby” & We Can’t Stop Laughing

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are pros at captivating an audience, and it looks like their three-year-old daughter is following in her parents’ footsteps. In a video Teigen posted to Instagram on Tuesday night, Luna Legend recounted her dream about a “witch baby” and we’ve gotta say, it’s riveting stuff.

The video, which Teigen aptly captioned “the story of witch baby,” shows a video chat between mother and daughter. (It appears Teigen is out of town at the moment, presumably doing something amazing.) When she asks her daughter how she slept, Luna leaps into the details of her dream, which began with a witch chasing her. Yikes! When the witch caught up with little Luna, she flew away with her because “her babies got to eat.” Double yikes!

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the story of witch baby

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Don’t worry, Luna is a girl who fends for herself and she handled the scary situation by… “[kicking] the witch baby.” When Teigen expressed concern that Luna kicked a baby, she was quick on her feet and explained that the witch was able to fix her babies because she was “too strong.” So no harm done. Phew!

But wait, there’s more! Armed with a water bottle and a stick, Luna confronted the witch: “Suddenly I picked up a water bottle and kicked her with a stick,” she explained matter-of-factly. (We’re not quite sure where the water bottle fits in here, but we’re just gonna go with it.)

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“suddenly” 😩

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Personally, I hate it when my dreams are interrupted before there’s a resolution — but apparently Luna doesn’t have that problem. And the even better news is that her dream had a happy ending. It turns out that Luna had her fairy wings, crown, wand, and prettiest dress with her during this frightening confrontation — so she made a quick wardrobe change and then flew off with her magic wand to safety.

Luna’s a pretty brilliant storyteller and if the witch reappears in her dreams, I really hope Teigen continues to share the ongoing saga with us because I’m already hooked.


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