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Jason Momoa Shares Father’s Day Video, is World’s Most Badass Dad

If your crush on Aquaman and Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa wasn’t in full bloom yet, you’re a second away. Momoa released a Father’s Day video on his YouTube channel that will pretty much slay you. It’s titled “Where the Wild Stomped In — Happy Papa’s Day!” and it’s everything.

In the gorgeous video, Momoa talks about his obsession with bikes and how he adores sharing his love for anything with wheels with his children. The video includes photos and footage of Momoa and his wife, Lisa Bonet, as well as their kids Nakoa-Wolf and Lola. The actor also talks about his first Harley-Davidson and his beloved grandma Mabel (swear to God) and just generally says everything in a warm Dothraki voice.

“It has been a long road. I feel like I blinked and 20 years passed in an instant,” Momoa narrates in the Harley-centric video. “But I’m not alone anymore, I’m not young anymore, I’m not in the dirt as much as I’d like to be — but I am in love. I’m a husband and a father and it is the greatest honor of my life.”

The family has built a motorcycle together, people. (That happened while you went to Target and cleaned dog poop out of the backyard.) You need to watch the whole thing (all eight minutes and change) to truly feel the wind in your hair. Momoa wrote this of his video:

“For me, it started off so simple. A boy on a motorcycle for the first time tearing through the backyard. It was only a moment in time, but the ride changed something in me, it was the moment where the wild stomped in. I saved an old rusty motor to build a bike one day, and it’s taken three decades to fulfill the dream. Over the years the dream evolved and now all I wanted was to build a bike with my children, to give them the same experience I had as a child, to give them the wind, and the freedom of the ride. A broken motor inspired a dream, and taught me it’s better to share those moments with my babies, the moment where the wild stomped in. What started out as a visit to Harley-Davidson to pay my respects turned into a new partnership. I wanted to honor their legacy, too ride is in my blood. So my friends and I went out and shot this video on our own. We built a Harley, our memories are woven into the metal, but it’s more than that, it has become a Momoa family heirloom. The legacy is Harley’s, but the memories are ours. Mahalo for the memories.”

Excuse us while we go imagine what it’s like to be Lisa Bonet.


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