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Steal This Chic Onesie From Jessica Simpson’s Baby Closet For Super Cheap

Jessica Simpson‘s latest addition, Birdie, is only two and a half months old, but Birdie is already a style icon — and her onesie game is strong. Like her mother and older sister, Max, Birdie is often decked out in feminine patterns and florals; her current preference just happens to favor onesies. This insight into Simpson’s sartorial baby stylings comes courtesy of her Instagram, where she often shares glimpses into her life as a mom, wife, and businesswoman. And her latest post features Birdie in an oh-so-cute floral onesie you don’t have to have fashion empire money to snag for yourself.

Sold by Posh Peanut, the blue floral onesie retails for $36 and runs from newborn size to two years. While your baby likely won’t care about details like ruffles, a fun maxi print, and coordinating accessories, they will definitely appreciate the soft bamboo vicose material. The bamboo fabric is ultra-soft and breathable, so it won’t irritate baby’s delicate skin. Posh Peanut even sells matching sets for parents and older siblings. Since we’ve gotten glimpses of Simpson’s daughters in matching outfits before, we wouldn’t be surprised if there were plenty more Posh Peanut pieces in their closets.

Posh Peanut Blue Rose Onesie

That Simpson’s kids are frequently stylish is hardly surprising. While ’90s kids may always associate her with “Irresistible,” Simpson’s eponymous clothing line is 13 years old, aka almost half of Simpson’s adult life. And after all, her ability to parlay her success into fashion has also made Simpson far more money than her music career; her clothing brand makes over a billion in sales per year. Because it’s also value-driven, we shouldn’t be surprised that her children also occasionally sport clothing the rest of us can buy, too.

While Simpson frequently shares adorable family shots, she is no stranger to the less glamorous parts of motherhood: She’s used Instagram in recent months to discuss what it’s like to recover from a C-section, as well as the woes of pregnancy-related swollen ankles. Her posts have also shown that no mom, no matter how famous, is free from mom-shaming. Sigh.

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