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Prince Harry Says He Had a Hard Time Leaving Archie Overnight

Parting is such sweet sorrow — especially for new papa Prince Harry, who recently had to leave newborn son Archie and wife Meghan to participate in a charity polo match in Italy. Prince Harry was sad to part from his wife and new son, according to a source for Us Weekly.

“Harry left for Italy and it was very difficult for him to leave Archie and Meghan… He wants to spend every second he can with them,” the insider told the outlet.

The prince headed to Rome on Thursday, May 23, to compete in the 2019 Sentebale ISPS Handa Polo Cup on May 24. The event took place at the Roma Polo Club. Sentebale is a charity that was co-founded by Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho in 2006. The annual match seeks to raise proceeds and increase awareness and support of Lesotho and Botswana youth affected by HIV. It’s a particularly special event for Prince Harry, as in May 2017, it was the scene of Meghan Markle’s very first official appearance as Harry’s paramour. Meghan was home at Frogmore Cottage with Archie this time around (and with their new, modern pram, oh my). Funny how two short years have changed the prince’s life.

But now, Prince Harry is back home with his wife and son; he was actually spied on Saturday, May 25, traveling very low key (for a prince, that is) in the first-class section of a British Airways flight returning from Rome to London. And he looked a lot more like an exhausted new dad than he did a polo champion: One sharp-eyed passenger took a picture of Harry (which has now been removed, possibly because it risked the wrath of his bodyguard), and wrote:

“This morning leaving Rome I got up to use the bathroom [on the plane] and I had to wait. As I’m standing there, I look over and see a guy who looks like Prince Harry. And he has a wedding ring on and looks very tired,” the passenger, Amy Garrick, posted on Facebook. “The guy next to him looks like security and is glaring at me. Finally my brain clicks and I realise, it is Prince Harry on the way back to London from Rome… He politely smiled and said ‘hi’ when he realized I knew who he was.”

Yes, Harry looked like your basic father of a newborn who could do with some sleep, but he and his Sentebale St. Regis teammates actually wound up winning against Team U.S. Polo in the charity tournament, with Harry capturing the team’s winning goal. That cheeky ginger. Fatherhood may be inspiring the prince more than we had even realized.

“He’s ready for the game and had a good night sleep,” Prince Harry’s friend and competitor Nacho Figueras reported on Friday. “We’re excited about being able to do a great job today for Sentebale which is why we’re here… He seems to be very, very happy. I think this is a very exciting part of his life. I think that he is loving it and I always thought that he would be an amazing father.”

Meghan’s probably about ready for a trip to Rome herself right about now, if our own new-mom baby days are any indicator of how she might be faring. At the very least, we’re glad Harry’s home so she can take a bath — and a long nap. Especially if she’s planning on traveling to the U.S. with Archie in the near future.

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