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Michael Phelps’ Wife Nicole Johnson Gets Real About Third Pregnancy

Former beauty queen Nicole Johnson is preparing for the arrival of Baby No. 3, and Michael Phelps and his wife are a team during pregnancy and parenthood. “With morning sickness, I haven’t been able to do much, and Michael has been amazing, cooking, cleaning and helping me out,” Johnson told Parents Magazine.

In the same interview, Phelps said the couple is “excited” about the newest addition to their family — and they’re ready for whatever parenthood throws at them. “It will be a journey, but we can already handle two,” he said. “We’ll tag team!” (Tag teaming should be the natural default to how parenting works, but sadly that’s often… not the case.)

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Some may say that three’s a crowd, but Johnson says she and Phelps planned on having more children ever since their son Beckett was born 15 months ago. “A week after coming home from the hospital with Beckett, I was like, ‘OK, I’m not done, I want more,'” she recalled.

Of course, parenthood hasn’t always been a walk in the park. “Beckett would not sleep and wanted to nurse 24/7,” Johnson shared. “I tried every sleep method you could imagine. I was ripping my hair out for months! I just did whatever work-around I could so that I could function the next day.”

But as they await the arrival of their third child, both Phelps and Johnson say they feel more relaxed and ready to handle whatever curveballs parenthood throws at them. Johnson added that she’s even experiencing less mom guilt: “It will all be there later, but the time for me to be a healthy parent and a healthy wife is right now,” she said. Cheers to that!

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