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Marie Kondo’s New Children’s Book Will Finally Motivate Kids to Make Their Beds

Organizational maven Marie Kondo is at it again, and this time, she’s hoping to spark joy in kids’ libraries (and parents’ homes). The bestselling author and Netflix star announced that she’s releasing a children’s book this November titled Kiki & Jax: The Life-Changing Magic of Friendship .

The book centers around friends Kiki, an adorable squirrel, and Jax, a sweater-wearing owl, whose contrasting views on collecting and cleaning — Kiki loves to gather things, while Jax prefers an organized environment — start to clutter their relationship. Despite their different lifestyles, the two agree there’s one thing that brings them the most joy: their friendship.

Illustrated and co-written by Salina Yoon, the book hopes to teach children vital lessons about tidying their spaces and making room for the relationships and things that matter most.

“Introducing ‘Kiki & Jax,’ my upcoming children’s picture book co-written and illustrated by @salinayoon,” Kondo wrote on Instagram. “I hope that the characters of Kiki and Jax will inspire children and families to tidy and embrace joy!”

Yoon also shared her thoughts on Instagram, writing: “I am thrilled to announce a picture book collaboration with the one and only Marie Kondo! The friendship story of Kiki and Jax presents Marie Kondo’s spark joy philosophy in a fun, meaningful, and accessible way for children.”

Finally, someone else can take the responsibility of motivating kids to make their beds and put away their laundry. Though, good luck to anyone who thinks she can pry kids’ slime collections from their cold, sticky fingers.

Kondo’s cleaning method, often dubbed KonMari, has inspired millions of adults to declutter their lives and reevaluate their relationships with material objects. Her hit Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, dropped in January and has already made a massive impact in people’s lives as they’ve tidied up their kids’ closets, revamped their kids’ playrooms, and increased their Goodwill donations.

Now, make room on your shelves before the book releases on November 5!

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