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4-Year-Old Girl Goes Viral With Her Spot-On Celebrity Fashion Impressions

Why be one celebrity when you can be all of them? One 4-year-old girl in Antalya, Turkey, is garnering rave red carpet reviews — sans red carpet — for her re-creations of famous frocks worn by famous people. Stefani Chaglar is an Instagram sensation right now with her takes on looks by celebs such as Rita Ora, Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner, and Nicole Kidman.

Of course, she gets a little help making her creations — from her adoring mama, oil painter Alya Chaglar. And before anyone starts in on “momager” talk, you need to check out this little girl’s Instagram feed, because she ain’t being pushed into a thing. Stefani and her mom Alya are #momdaughtergoals, and they are having a blast dressing up on spare change.

Seriously, Stefani is living her very best life with a mom who is crazy about spending time with her — and they’ve gone viral for spending hours creating couture from household objects like aluminum foil and cardboard and colored paper. All hail Stefani and Alya.

Here are some of their best haute couture looks. Who wore it better? Basically, in all cases, the answer is: Stefani.

Cara Delevingne


Taylor Swift

Milagros Germán

Lady Gaga

Nicole Kidman

We’re thinking Nicole Kidman didn’t mind the editorial adjustment her power-blue dress got from Stefani, along with a video message about the bow:

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Stefani vs. @nicolekidman 😂🤩 #ahstefani

A post shared by Stefani Chaglar🦋 (@seasunstefunny) on

Stefani’s laugh — and her mom’s ability to make magic with her daughter out of ordinary materials on ordinary days — melts us. No wonder the pair have gone viral, with over 244 thousand followers to date.

Stefani’s mom said that the duo have been playing like this for half Stefani’s life: so, two years. She told the Daily Mail: “She was just two when we started to make these photographs and she has always enjoyed the entire process… She loves dressing up and she always helps me to make new outfits for her — and every time when we finish shooting she is very excited to check if her ‘dress’ looks the same as the celebrity’s one.”

Alya added, “Regardless of this, we do all of our photoshoots for fun and we don’t want to be taken seriously!”

Their collaboration together actually began with Stefani modeling food — in optical illusions. SFGate reported that Alya started holding up a bit of fruit or a flower while Stefani posed in the background, resulting in a photo image showing Stefani rocking a high-fashion banana peel or peony, say.

Alya told SFGate of their early work, “She strikes her poses spontaneously and all I need is just press the button at the right time.”

In this adorable shot, Stefani “wears” the shavings from a freshly sharpened pencil:

We adore this mama-daughter duo and have no doubt the future is crazy bright for them both. And we’ll eat our (very fashionable) hat if Stefani does not wind up majoring in fashion or photography — and designing for or photographing celebs someday herself.

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