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Pink Reveals She Was Planning to Have a Baby at 17 — But She Miscarried

Pink surprised fans when she revealed to USA Today that she suffered a miscarriage at the age of 17 — a child she planned to keep, not a choice that many 17-year-olds necessarily have the fortitude to make.

The interview with USA Today followed in the wake of Pink’s new album release, Hurts 2B Human. The track “Happy” is about the singer’s complicated relationship with her body, as well as the miscarriage she endured as a teen. Pink told USA Today that the lyrics — “Since I was 17 I’ve always hated my body / and it feels like my body’s hated me” — were deeply personal.

“… I’ve always had this very tomboy, very strong gymnast body, but actually at 17 I had a miscarriage,” Pink said. “And I was going to have that child… But when that happens to a woman or a young girl, you feel like your body hates you and like your body is broken, and it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do.”

Pink was candid during the interview about experiencing numerous other miscarriages as well. “I’ve had several miscarriages since, so I think it’s important to talk about what you’re ashamed of, who you are and the painful shit. I’ve always written that way.”

Pink reminisced about her complicated past — and long career — in an extended interview with Carson Daly on Today on April 26, “I was so rough around the edges… I wasn’t tethered to the earth at all… I sort of took a machete and purposefully took my own path. I did that on purpose,” she told Daly. “It’s been an interesting journey.”

We love her openness as a woman and her staying power as an artist — and we adore her even more for normalizing self-care and mental health. “I believe in self-confrontation and just getting things out,” she told USA Today. “What I love about therapy is that they’ll tell you what your blind spots are. Although that’s uncomfortable and painful, it gives you something to work with.”

In fact, Pink also told Today that she and husband Carey Hart have been in couples therapy for almost the entirety of their 17-year relationship — and she credits therapy as the reason behind the success of their marriage, and the two children they share, daughter Willow and son Jameson.

Yep, she is true force of nature when it comes to advocating for mental health, and we couldn’t support her more: “I’m hopeful that the taboo of it is all going away, because more and more people are talking about it. I think talking about it is the most important thing,” she said.

“I know that anxiety is like, the number one things that kids now are going through,” Pink continued. “For my generation, I feel like it was depression and suicide, and suicide is super prevalent still, but now it’s like it comes from a place of anxiety… I over-think everything. But what I do is I keep the right people around me, and I go to therapy.”

And she hangs out on the couch and chills with Alexa. Relatable, as ever. We heart you, Pink (though we will miss your pics of Willow and Jameson for sure).







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