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The Co-Sleeping Tool Kourtney Kardashian Swears By

Co-sleeping can be a polarizing subject, but that’s not keeping the eldest Kardashian sister from vocalizing her love for sharing a family bed with her kids. In a recent blog post on her new website, Poosh, Kourtney Kardashian praised co-sleeping as the strategy that “worked best for [her] lifestyle.”

“I realize that people have many different ways for getting their kids to sleep through the night, and I believe that if something works for your family, then that is what is most important,” Kardashian, who shares three kids (Mason, Penelope, and Reign) with ex Scott Disick, wrote. “We all just need our sleep, right? In my house, I found that a co-sleeping strategy worked best.”

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Still, she found there was one product that made co-sleeping with her son, Mason, even more comfortable: a DockATot, which she said gave her “peace of mind knowing my baby was safe and protected.”

If you haven’t heard of the DockATot, you might be in the minority. (As an expectant mother, I swear not a day goes by where someone doesn’t recommend the brand.) The product, which looks a bit like a pool raft, is a baby lounger designed specifically with co-sleeping in mind, and it has somewhat of a cult following with an average rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon. While larger than some loungers (and a bit pricier, too — regularly priced models range from $175 to $300), the DockATot is intended to be a simple, portable option to keep infants and toddlers snug. The padded barrier promises to keep little ones securely in place to minimize the risk of babies rolling over or out.

“Scott and I always kept [the DockATot] in the middle of the bed with each of us on either side to prevent Mason from rolling off the bed,” Kardashian explained. “Because we did so much traveling when Mason was a baby, and I took him everywhere with me, I also traveled with the DockATot. I found that as long as Mason was next to me, he adjusted to ANY time zone and slept 12 hours.”

That’s some seriously high praise! Kourtney isn’t the only Kardashian who loves the product. Kim, too, added the lounger to her list of must-have items for baby Chicago.

Still, some experts warn that using a DockATot to co-sleep could be “potentially dangerous.”

“Although the product is portrayed as a safer sleep alternative, I think it can create a false sense of security for their infant and prove a potentially dangerous sleep environment,” Dr. Rachel Prete told Romper.

Health Canada also warned about “baby nests,” like the DockATot, saying that the “padded sides pose a suffocation risk.” Like the American Academy of Pediatrics, Health Canada also advises against co-sleeping.

Despite AAP and Health Canada’s warnings, research published in Paediatric Respiratory Reviews found that there are benefits to co-sleeping, such as a reduced risk of SIDS. Co-sleeping may also help make breastfeeding easier and increase childhood confidence. Of course, any parenting considering the practice should read up on how to co-sleep safely.

Ultimately, the decision to co-sleep (or not), is up to each family unit. While not everyone will agree on what’s safest or best, we can all agree to one thing: Every new parent needs rest!

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