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Christina Aguilera Sent Andy Cohen an Ultra ‘Dirrty’ Baby Gift

Plenty of lucky new parents receive tons of gifts: cute onesies, tiny baby hats, a gazillion servings of homemade lasagna. But it’s not every day that someone sends a baby custom-made leather chaps. Never one to follow the norm, Christina Aguilera sent new dad Andy Cohen’s baby some “Dirrty”-inspired goods.

“I’ve gotten a lot of baby gifts, you guys, but Christina Aguilera! Look at this. She made chaps for the boy, leather custom chaps in the form of her ‘Dirrty’ video,” Cohen gushed in a video posted to Instagram stories.

Lazy loaded image
Image: bravoandy/Instagram. Andy Cohen/Instagram.
Aguilera also sent Cohen a set of diapers with “Dirrty” emblazoned on the rump in black glitter letters. Hands down, this gift package has to be one of the most ridiculous — and frankly hilarious — presents we’ve ever seen. Keep your baby Bentleys, celebs. The latest trend is all about wildly inappropriate baby gear that parents will (hopefully?) never put on their kids but will cherish — and probably use to embarrass their kids when they hit their teen years.
Regardless of how harmless the gift was, it’s likely only a matter of time before Cohen and Aguilera get an earful from the parent-shaming committee, whom Cohen is all too familiar with lately. Cohen received backlash after posting mere photos of his newborn son, Benjamin, snuggled next to his dog, Wacha. Commenters claimed Cohen “endangered” Benjamin by allowing the possibility of unsanitary licks or painful bites — especially after Wacha destroyed one of the baby’s new toys. (Cohen later clarified that his dog didn’t act maliciously or out of spite. Phew.)
Hopefully, even the trolls will recognize Aguilera’s gift for what it is: the silliest.

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