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Hilarious Prince Harry Asks ‘Is It Mine?’ in Response to Meghan Markle Pregnancy Congrats

Relax. We’re pretty sure we don’t need to call in Jerry Springer and his DNA tests just yet: Prince Harry was just joking about questioning the paternity of wife Meghan’s pregnancy.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited a school in Asni, Morocco, during their three-day royal visit to the country. One of their hosts congratulated them on their first child, due sometime in April.

Most unexpectedly, with an expression of mock shock, Harry blurted out, “What, you’re pregnant?”

Meghan — instead of slugging him hard — kept her cool in front of the cameras as usual. She laughed (probably making a mental note to self to slug him later) and simply replied, “Surprise!”

Proving his mettle at terrible dad jokes already, Harry pressed on, quipping, “Is it mine?”

Oh, dear. Really, Harry. We’re sure the queen was delighted to hear of this exchange. Take a look at the video of the paternity joke here at CNN.

While some observers found the incident funny, others, like this Twitter user, were not so impressed by Harry’s comic timing:

The royal couple arrived in Morocco on Saturday and helicoptered (like ya do) to a visit at a girls boarding house in the Atlas Mountains the next day. At the boarding house, Meghan received an elaborate henna tattoo on her forearm to celebrate her seven months of pregnancy.

There was also a swanky reception that evening, of course. What would royal life be without the regular swanky reception in a glamorous foreign land? The couple then continued touring Morocco on Monday with a stop at the Moroccan Royal Federation of Equestrian Sports, where the Sussexes learned about the country’s mission to create programming for children with special needs through equine therapy.

But it was a pony who needed some help during a grooming session. The prince and the duchess noticed that one of the animals was actually shaking. (We might shake too, in the presence of Meghan and Harry, little pony.)

“We all get a little camera-shy,” Meghan was overheard saying gently to the scared creature. “I understand.”

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