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Chrissy Teigen Posts Video of Baby Miles Trying to Call John Legend ‘Da-da’

Yes, we know it’s 2019 and no one says “we can’t even” anymore. But people, honestly? We can’t even with this. On Friday morning, cookbook author and supermodel Chrissy Teigen posted a video of baby son Miles trying to say “da-da” (aka singer John Legend, of whom Miles is the spitting image). This is what Instagram was made for.

Miles Theodore Stephens is now 9 months old and — like his older sister, Luna, 2 — he is already an internet star.

“YAAAAAS so close!” Teigen captioned the video of her bouncy, wriggly baby boy as he tries and tries to get out the word “da-da.”

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YAAAAAAAAS so close!

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Teigen also posted a video of Luna, who — prepare to melt — is already devouring a Little Feminists book while sporting a sweet froufy princess frock.

“Who’s that?” Teigen says to Luna in the video, gesturing to an image in the book.

“I don’t know,” Luna replies.

“That’s Maya Angelou,” Teigen explains. Teigen — one of our fave celeb moms for sure — also made sure to point out Ella Fitzgerald to her daughter. Listening to Luna try to repeat the names back to her mama is pretty much going to make your heart explode, so, you know. Fair warning.

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Could these children be cuter? We’re sorry; we know you have cute children too, but these are probably the cutest two on the planet.

Just this week, Papa Legend spoke to Ellen DeGeneres on her show about his objectively adorable kids.

“It’s funny because he looks more like me as an adult than he looks like me as a baby. He’s me,” he said of his son. How do the brother-sister pair get on? Legend reported, “They get along pretty well. When Luna gets jealous, she doesn’t take it out on Miles, she just wants our attention more.”

Which would not be hard to offer up, clearly. Please, God, let Teigen and Legend keep sharing videos of their offspring, because we’re now official Miles and Luna addicts. Actually, we like their hilarious grown-up news too. The whole family never fails to cheer us up.

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