Flower Crafts for Kids That Will Make It Feel Like Spring Already

Let’s face it. Winter is fun for about a week, and then it’s just… cold. You go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. The kids thought sledding was awesome until someone got snow down their pants, and now they’re going stir-crazy (which is in turn driving you crazy). Spring, with its warm days and growing gardens, muddy walks and perfect rainy nights, is still so far away. How do you grin and bear it until then? With flower crafts for kids that will make it feel like spring — even though your laundry room is still drowning in winter gear.

There are scientific reasons spring is the most delightful season, and this is not that season. Remember the good old days of spring when all you had to do to get your kid ready to leave the house was make sure they had pants on? Now, there’s layer upon layer upon layer, all of which will come off as soon as you’ve finished zipping, because suddenly they have to pee.

Spring, on the other hand, is the understated season of all growing things — of cleaning out the cobwebs and Mother Nature waking up and stretching her legs. Doug Larson said, “Spring is when you feel like whistling, even with a shoe full of slush.” So put on your slush shoes and get the whole family whistling with these 10 spring-tastic pressed flower crafts.

Pressed flower coasters

Image: Brit + Co.

These pressed flower coasters from Brit + Co. are practical and a great way to bring some color and natural beauty into your home in the bitterness of winter. All you need for this easy craft are glass tiles, pressed flowers, glue and copper tape. The shiny copper tape really (literally) seals the deal.

Pressed flower phone case

Image: Clare McGibbon/Etsy.

Got a teen who’s permanently glued to their phone? This floral phone case DIY is the perfect craft to at least make it seem like they’re spending time in nature. A clear phone case, some pressed flowers, glue, and voilà: a showstopper.

Flower lollipops

Image: A Beautiful Mess.

Possibly too pretty to eat (But who are we kidding? You’ll all eat them), these DIY floral lollipops are shockingly easy to make — and the perfect treat for all ages. Make sure you’re only choosing edible flowers, though; check out this guide if you’re unsure. This DIY is mess-free and requires zero stovetops or sticky candy thermometers. We’re pretty sure only the amazing sister team behind A Beautiful Mess could have conjured this up.

Dried flower temporary tattoos

Image: That Cheap Bitch.

Yes, dried flower temporary tattoos. With actual flowers. Crazy, you say? Well, we think the results speak for themselves. This is such a cool way to decorate your body with some vividly colored blooms without the permanence of a real tattoo. Bonus: It’s a hit with the little kids, so let them flaunt their new tats as long as they can — although it might delay bath time for a few days.

Pressed flower pendants

Image: Monster Circus.

Got a kid who wants to hang onto their precious pressed flowers for a while? These pressed flower pendants from Monster Circus are just the thing. Simply choose the best blooms and stick them in these adorable locket pendants, and you’ve got a sweet reminder of sunny days ahead.

Floral bath salts

Image: Married to the Earth.

Are these the most gorgeous floral bath salts you’ve ever seen? That was a rhetorical question. Yes, yes they are. Obviously. This DIY from Married to the Earth not only shows you how to create these amazing-smelling bath salts; it also offers a free printable label, so you can make your bath time that much more extra. With just Epsom salts, dried flowers, essential oils and a glass jar or two, you’ll make a truly beautiful addition to bath time — for your kids and/or for yourself. Oh, and make an extra batch of these, because they’re perfect for gifting.

Floral hair comb

Image: Brit + Co.

For your mini-me who would give Rapunzel a run for her money, this floral hair comb is the accessory to end all accessories. Choose flowers with darker hues for the winter months or bust out the bright and bold warmer tones for summer days. (This craft does involve a hot glue gun, so be sure to supervise older kids and help out younger ones.)

Pressed flower tray

Image: Say Yes.

Make your kid’s next tea party worthy of a feature in Martha Stewart Living with this pressed flower tray DIY. But don’t stop at just the tray — you can beautify tea cups, saucers and more with this straightforward craft. And don’t worry if your backyard is looking barren and there are no flowers in sight; you can still make this incredible tray by buying pressed flowers online. Who knew?

Eucalyptus wall hanging

Image: Oprah.com.

Okay, it’s not a flower, but if full-blown blooms aren’t your kid’s thing, you can still bring the outdoors in with this eucalyptus wall hanging that will give your kid’s room a bohemian look (and make it smell superb). They’ll be proud to say they made it. And, hey, think of it as a major upgrade to Febreze’ing the crap out of your smelly tween’s room and hoping nothing died in there.

Floral soaps

Image: Hello Glow.

These DIY floral soaps are utterly gorgeous and have the added benefit of perhaps making your kids want to wash their hands more? These soaps are so versatile, and your kids can customize them with whatever flowers, herbs or greenery suits their fancy. They could even add citrus rinds or dried juniper berries. Keep in mind that some dried plants change color in these soaps; for example, dried pink hibiscus turns blue! Let kids mix and match their favorite flowers, petals and leaves for a stunning finished product that looks really expensive (but really isn’t).