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Hilaria Baldwin’s Son Peed in His Sippy Cup, & She’s Psyched About It

Parenthood is strange. Sure, it’s exciting, frustrating, rewarding — but at times, it’s just plain weird. Kids say (and do) the darndest things, and we expect that of them. But nothing prepared actor, author and fitness guru Hilaria Baldwin for what her 3-year-old son, Rafael, recently did: Baldwin’s son peed in a sippy cup. And both he and his mama were oh-so proud.

Baldwin shared the hilarious debacle on Instagram. “Rafa just peed in this cup…. like no joke. I have 4 kids… it’s hard to surprise me — and this left me speechless,” Baldwin wrote alongside a photo of herself holding a glass of wine and the aforementioned the cup.

“He was so proud of himself and comes up to me and says: ‘Mommy! I just peed in a cup!’ He led me over to this blue sippy cup and sure enough it was filled with warm pee,” Baldwin continued.

But Rafael wasn’t the only proud party. Mama was also impressed.

“He didn’t spill ONE DROP on the floor. I was impressed. Then I was like: do I chastise him? How do you parent there?!?!?! So I told him thank you for telling me and that we need to pee in the toilet. Then he backtracked and tried to tell me he actually made me a cup of tea… I guess it was warm, so it was a good try,” Baldwin wrote. “Then he went back to the truth.”

Baldwin ended the post with two words “Oh parenthood!!!!” because, really, what else is there to say?

Baldwin’s children have been responsible for other hilarious moments. In August 2018, her oldest child, Carmen, revealed some very personal news to a group of strangers. “My daughter announced… today that my underwear goes up my butt,” Baldwin wrote on her Instagram story. “I tried to awkwardly explain that it’s a thong… then I realized I should just stop speaking.” And in December 2017, Rafael’s fear of Santa made for a comical (and all-too-relatable) family Christmas photo.

As for the incident at hand, we too are proud of little Rafael because 1) he’s a problem-solver and 2) if he can pee in a cup, he can surely pee in the potty. Well done, kiddo.

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