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Pregnant Jessica Simpson Begs for Help Handling Her Insanely Swollen Foot

Jessica Simpson’s third pregnancy may be filled with adorable maternity style photos and sweet aspirational messages, but a recent Instagram post proves not everything in her world is glamorous. Behold: a photo of pregnant Simpson’s seriously swollen foot, one of the not-fun aspects of, you know, creating new life in your womb. Simpson, who shares two other children — Maxwell and Ace — with husband Eric Johnson, even asked fans for advice.

“Any remedies?! Help!!!!” she wrote to her 4.4 million fans.

I’m not typically one to gawk, but oh, my God, that is one massive foot! It’s no wonder Simpson, who designs sleek, over-the-knee boots and platform heels, would want advice; there’s no way she’s able to slip into her styles with those swollen feet.

While she certainly looks uncomfortable, the American Pregnancy Association notes that swelling during pregnancy is totally normal, as pregnant bodies, on average, produce “50% more blood and body fluids to meet the needs of the developing baby.”

Many concerned commenters pointed out that Simpson’s condition might not be normal, however, and encouraged her to see a doctor to check for preeclampsia, a condition the APA says affects 5 to 8 percent of pregnancies. Women with preeclampsia may experience extreme swelling, high blood pressure, severe headaches, abdominal pains and blurred vision, according to the APA. Any women exhibiting these symptoms should seek medical attention as soon as possible (and Simpson, too, if she hasn’t!).

Other fans offered up words of encouragement and helpful tips for how to cope.

“Omg, this happened to me!! Compression socks, legs up and above heart,” Cologne Schmidt, co-owner of Show Me Your Mumu, commented.

“Warm Epsom Salts and Foot Massages. Drink lots of water,” another wrote.

Additionally, the APA recommends pregnant women eat plenty of potassium and protein, minimize their sodium intake and avoid standing on their feet for long periods.

Hopefully, Simpson gets plenty of rest and finds some relief in her tootsies before her little girl arrives!

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