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Gabrielle Union Won’t Let Unvaccinated Folks Near Her Baby — Not Even Oprah

Gabrielle Union has been fairly open about her fertility issues and journey to parenthood. At the 2018 #BlogHer Creators Summit, she spoke candidly of her struggles and her long battle with adenomyosis, a condition that causes endometrial tissue to grow into the uterus muscle, damaging the uterine wall. But despite her own issues, Union still wanted a family, and so earlier this year, she and husband, Dwyane Wade, decided to use a gestational carrier.

Their beautiful little girl, Kaavia, was delivered via C-section on Nov. 7. The 1-month-old is super-healthy, and Union is making sure she stays that way. The actor recently revealed she won’t let unvaccinated individuals near her baby. Period.

Union shared her strong — and admirable — stance after some fans chastised her for kissing Kaavia on the lips in an Instagram video.

Critics argued she was putting her 1-month-old at risk. But Union quickly clapped back.

“Hey guys, I appreciate all the concern about kisses on the mouth and labored breathing,” Union wrote, but “Kaav is healthy and I don’t even touch her without washing and sanitizing myself and everything and everyone that comes into contact with her.”

She then added that this includes Oprah Winfrey. (Yes, that Oprah Winfrey!) More specifically, Winfrey’s crew.

“No visits with sick folk and even all of Oprah’s crew got whooping cough vaccinations and current on all vaccinations to be in our home,” Union wrote.

Oprah Winfrey and crew came to visit the newborn for the recently aired special, Oprah at Home with Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade & Their New Baby. Yes, that’s the real title.

Most fans supported Union’s decision, leaving comments like “her baby, her rules” and “she had nine miscarriages, anything for her baby at this point should never be deemed overprotective,” but some found Union’s approach over-the-top while others pointed out the “dangers” of vaccines.

You know, dangers which have been repeatedly debunked.

But in all honesty, their support and/or criticism doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, this is Gabrielle Union’s baby, and hers alone. (Well, hers and Dwyane Wade’s.)

As for Union, she ended her post with a brilliant though seemingly obvious point: “If you think I waited this long and went thru all this to put my baby in harm’s way… you got another thing coming.” Amen. Good for you, Gabrielle, for sticking with your gut and doing everything in your power to keep your family safe.

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