How do toddlers who were born premature differ from those born at full term?

Sep 28, 2007 at 9:29 p.m. ET

The question:
As toddlers, how do children who were premature babies differ from babies born at full-term?

The Pediatrician Answers:
Most post-preemies are indistinguishable as toddlers from their full-term peers. However, a post-preemie in the toddler years may still be experiencing residual effects of their neonatal problems.

For example, they may still have some lung difficulties. They may be behind in one or more developmental areas. They may have previously undiagnosed vision or hearing difficulties. They may not be quite as large and may have some growth problems. The degree of problem is related to the degree of prematurity and the kind and severity of neontal complications.

Talk to your pediatrician about your child's particular circumstances if you have any questions or concerns.