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Tips for parents: Kids bored? Try these ideas

Down time can help parents and children recharge
their batteries, but kids may not always see it that way.

As the novelty of summer’s less structured and supposedly carefree days wears off, there�s no need for parents to rush to entertain the kids or spend unnecessarily, she said.

“Don’t wait until boredom strikes, though,” said Young.

She encourages parents to challenge each of their kids to come up with a list of fun things to do in and around the neighborhood. Then, the next time the kids are restless or complaining that there�s nothing to do, parents can pull out the youngsters’ lists.

Activities need not be expensive, said Young, who offered such suggestions as washing the car, planning a backyard picnic or overnight campout, birdwatching, and gardening. A game fest could include either dusting off the board games or challenging others to a chess or checkers match.

Asking the kids to help in the kitchen can hold their interest and also build lifelong skills in meal management, as well as an interest in nutrition and health, Young said.

More information on money management and managing family relationships successfully is available at county and district K- State Research and Extension offices and Extension’s Web site:

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