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Breakthrough treatment for kids with epilepsy

Surgery reduces seizures and increases IQ in children suffering from epilepsy.

Surgical breakthrough to treat epilepsy in kids

A study on 50 preschool-aged children with epilepsy who underwent surgical treatment showed significant improvements on overall cognitive development and left many seizure-free. The article is published in the journal Epilepsia.

Researchers conducted this study on how children aged 3 to 7 years old developed intellectually in the few years following epilepsy surgery. While those with severe epilepsy are at high risk for significant mental handicap, data showed that those who became seizure free after surgery were able to develop better and may actually gain some abilities that they did not have before surgery.

“The questions answered in our study have a significant every day value for counseling parents whether their child should undergo epilepsy surgery,” states corresponding author, Ingrid Tuxhorn, MD.

Long-term prognosis looks good

Twelve months post-surgery, 82 percent of children showed stable improvements in development and three children showed gains of greater than 15 points in IQ. Gains in IQ were only observed in seizure-free children.

“This study on the long-term cognitive outcome of preschool children who had epilepsy surgery shows that children with a shorter duration of epilepsy, more localized etiologies, and a seizure-free outcome have the best chance for improving their cognitive function 2 to 3 years after a successful operation,” adds Tuxhorn. “The question [now] is to provide data to determine ideal timing of surgical treatment.”

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