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The best part of pregnancy

These nine-plus months are long and sometimes they pass slowly… and painfully. So, what’s the best part of pregnancy? Some nine-month moms-to-be tell you what they think.

I love when the baby moves around and I actually like the way I look pregnant. The aches and pains are just part of the deal. – Rose S

I love the attention (up until right about now, when I want to be a recluse and people keep calling me with the “having an pains yet?”) And I love the excuse, “No, I shouldn’t lift that/move that/walk there… I’m pregnant, I need to nap/rest/take a break, etc…” – Maggie

For me, it has been being put off work at eight months, and having time to watch all the shows like Survivor and American Idol. I never got to watch TV when I was working. – kellzebra

I am right there with you on not having to work!!My husband has spoiled me and works really hard so that I would not have to while I was pregnant! Also, we tried for almost a year to get pregnant and I used to cry when I saw a pregnant lady, so I have enjoyed being the PREGNANT LADY! – Christina

I just feel great, and I am so happy to be this way I do not want it to end. It will, but… I think the greatest thing is to feel pregnant. To feel life inside, to feel the kicks, to witness the baby’s reactions depending on what I do, eat, drink. – Chrissy

Has to be the kicks and movements. I will really miss that. – Patrice

I have to agree… the baby’s kicks and moves. I will also miss the company. It’s nice having a QUIET presence with me now. All too soon he will be crying and whining and sassing. Right now he’s Mommy’s Good Boy. – Paula

When my son rubs my belly and tells his baby brother that he loves him. AND I would have to agree with feeling those wonderful jabs and kicks inside me. Basically, the anticipation and marvel of it all!- Dawn


The best thing about being pregnant is knowing there’s another life inside me, the kicks and movements, looking pregnant, seeing how delighted and excited my significant other is about having another baby (this is my first, his second) and the fact that this experience throughout the pregnancy and going to the prenatal appointments and classes are all new to him as well (never got to do that with his first — didn’t even witness the birth either). He’s so proud! I’m so happy to carry his baby. We’re both so excited to meet our little guy when he makes his grand appearance. Last but not least, NO AF! – Angi

For me, it would the movement as well. Just to think that a man will NEVER feel this. From the outside he will, but not like we do. And lately, its been my son telling Carson to hurry up and come out so he can play Almost makes you want to cry. This one is my last, but I will not miss it that much. – Christy

Feeling baby movements — she is so active, and every time, I am so amazed seeing all the moving bumps on my tummy. When my husband talks to her (belly), she becomes even more active as if she knows who is talking to her. We can’t wait to see her! Couple more weeks to go. – Ju

In no particular order… No periods, movements, my husband and son kissing and talking to baby is the sweetest thing ever, not caring if I suck in my gut when I am dressed up (like at my wedding), excuses to eat anything – anytime. As much as I do want baby to come out. I am happy having him/her in there. I am just in a lot of pain these days, but I know he/she is better off on the inside for now. – Lianne

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