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Time-saving tips for busy mothers on the go


Are you looking for that elusive 25th hour in the day? Search as you might, it just isn’t there. Mothers, by trade, are the busiest people alive. Here are some time-saving tips for busy moms to crunch those hours into minutes!

Busy mom - Carpool

Pack convenient snacks

Carry juice boxes and sugar-free snacks in the glove compartment. It will keep the kids from going ballistic in traffic jams and will save you that extra trip to the fast-food joint on the way

Keep receipts organized

Place a plastic zippered bag in your purse for receipts. It will save you from hunting later when you need to return an item. It also helps with record keeping. Go through the bag every month and
dispose of those receipts you no longer need. The best time to do it is when you receive your monthly credit card statement.

Mom grocery shopping

Shop on a schedule

Designate one or two days per week as your grocery shopping day and let your children know about it. Make a shopping list during the week and stick to it when you get to the store. The fewer
extraneous items you purchase, the more money you save. Never shop when you’re hungry, either. Otherwise, that extra bag of potato chips may find its way into your cart after all!

Plan a week’s worth of meals

Cull your recipe books on Sundays and make a meal plan for the week. Add needed items to your shopping list. Make a few meals ahead of time and freeze them for the busiest evenings.

Prepare for tax time

Tax time can be a stressful time of year. To head off last- minute scrambling, create a folder called “taxes.” Place inside any tax-related documents such as business receipts, bills of sale,
charity donations made throughout the year, etc. Similarly, move all tax-related receipts from your zipper bag to this folder. It is best to highlight your tax-related purchases on your credit card
statements as you receive them, instead of waiting until April. Chances are you will make fewer mistakes.

Father Time may be racing away, but there’s no need for us mothers to race along with him!

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