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These exotic baby names hail from around the globe

There are a few reasons to choose a baby name that doesn’t hail from the good old US of A. For one, giving a baby a unique name from another country will guarantee that there aren’t any matching names in class. A baby name from a different culture can also honor your family’s ancestry or simply promote global awareness. That’s why we’ve rounded up our international favorites for boys and girls, from Argentina, Iceland and more.

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Whether you are searching for a baby name that reflects your native culture or just love the sound of an exotic name, you are sure to find the perfect name in our list below.

Exotic baby names

Image: Terese Condella/SheKnows;Image via Getty Images

Exotic baby names from Argentina

The second largest country in South America next to Brazil, Argentina is known for exotic dances like the tango and cities like Buenos Aires. Inspiration for baby names may come from everything from the Roman Catholic faith to the unique landscape and animals of Patagonia.

Argentinian boy names

  • Santiago — meaning “Saint James”
  • Thiago — meaning “Saint James”
  • Tomas — meaning “twin”
  • Franco — meaning “Frenchman”
  • Joaquin — abbreviation of the Hebrew name Jehoichin — meaning “Jehovah”
  • Lautaro — meaning “calm”
  • Emile — meaning “excellent”
  • Esteban — meaning “crowned in victory”
  • Herve — meaning “warrior”

Argentinian girl names

  • Sofia — meaning “wise”
  • Agustina — meaning “grand”
  • Lucia — meaning “light” or “illumination”
  • Julieta — meaning “Jove’s child”
  • Milagros — meaning “miracle”
  • Camila — meaning “free-born”
  • Fanchon — meaning “free”
  • Ines — meaning “chaste”
  • Catalina — meaning “pure”

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Exotic baby names from Egypt

Ancient civilizations and symbols, such as the pyramids, have survived for centuries in this country. A mix of Muslim and Christian religions — as well as languages that include Arabic, English and French — all make for an exotic mix of potential baby names.

Egyptian baby names can be inspired from religion, nature or Egyptian gods.

Egyptian boy names

  • Abasi —meaning “stern”
  • Chisisi — meaning “secret”
  • Darwishi — meaning “saint”
  • Fenuku — meaning “born late”
  • Lateef — meaning “gentle”
  • Ramses — meaning “begotten by Ra the sun god”

Egyptian girl names

  • Akila — meaning “intelligent”
  • Bennu — meaning “eagle”
  • Femi — meaning “love”
  • Layla — meaning “born at night”
  • Neith — meaning “divine mother”
  • Zaliki — meaning “well born”

Exotic baby names from Iceland

Blue lagoons and snow glaciers make Iceland an exotic and one of a kind location — both traits new parents may be looking for when considering an exotic baby name.

Baby names from this region may be influenced by languages that include English, German, Icelandic and Nordic languages, as well as the Lutheran religion.

Icelandic girl names

  • Asta — meaning “tree”
  • Bryndís — meaning “of strong armor”
  • Lilja — meaning “lily”
  • Svana — derived from German word “swan”
  • Valdis — derived from two Norse words, “the dead” and “goddess”

Icelandic boy names

  • Ari — meaning “eagle”
  • Hinrik — Icelandic form of Henry
  • Gunnar —meaning “warrior”
  • Thor — meaning “thunder”
  • Bjorn — meaning “bear”

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