Baby Names for Twin Boys That Sound Like They Belong Together

Finding the perfect name for your baby can be an arduous process. Do you go for something simple and elegant? Something unique and creative? Something that’s representative of your heritage? Parents of twins have double the struggle: They have to find two perfect names. To make it all the more difficult, those names also need to sound nice together since parents will likely spend most of the next 18 years shouting them together as if they were one word.

We tried to take some of the hard work out of all this for you by pairing up names for baby boys that sound just lovely together. Some are based on the most popular names of 2017, and others are some older classics.

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Whether they’re alliterative, thematic or just plain sound nice, we’ve got more than 50 unique baby names for twin boys for you to peruse. You can even go nuts and mix and match.

Twin boy names
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Twin boy name pairings

  1. Atticus, Asher
  2. Silas, Sebastian
  3. Oscar, Oliver
  4. Cassius, Callum
  5. Levi, Liam
  6. ElijahIsaiah
  7. Matthew, Michael
  8. Jayden, Jaylen
  9. Ethan, Nathan
  10. JaydenKayden
  11. LandonLogan
  12. Logan, Lucas
  13. CalebJoshua
  14. JamesJohn
  15. JeremiahJoshua
  16. Logan, Luke
  17. AlexanderBenjamin
  18. Andrew, Matthew
  19. ChanceChase
  20. HaydenHunter
  21. AlexanderNicholas
  22. GabrielMichael
  23. JacobJoseph
  24. AndrewBenjamin
  25. AndrewAnthony
  26. BenjaminSamuel
  27. AidenJayden
  28. ChristianChristopher
  29. BrandonBryan
  30. Jacob, Lucas
  31. LiamLogan
  32. NathanNoah
  33. AlexanderAndrew
  34. AlexanderAnthony
  35. ElijahEthan
  36. Nathan, Nicholas
  37. AidenEthan
  38. Aidan, Noah
  39. Jason, Justin
  40. Logan, Mason
  41. Maddox, Mason
  42. NicholasNoah
  43. Benjamin, William
  44. Garrett, Gavin
  45. HenryWilliam
  46. Jayden, Joshua
  47. Jeremiah, Jeremy
  48. JonahNoah
  49. Jordan, Justin
  50. Matthew, Nathan

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Celebrity twin boy names

Looking for a little pop culture inspiration? Check out these cute twin boy names from some of our favorite celebrities.

Twin name themes

Finding a name theme you like can help you narrow down your baby name choice. When naming twin boys, consider alliterative pairs (names that start with the same letter), such as Lukeand Landon. You could also pick names with the same number of syllables, such as Jaxand Judeor Codyand Caden. Other cool themes include picking two destination names (such as Austinand Brooklyn) or names with similar origins (Aidanand Kieran).

One word of caution: Avoid getting too cutesy with twin boy names. Easton and Weston might be better puppy names — especially 10 years down the line.

A version of this article was originally published in June 2011.