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50+ Baby Names for Twin Boys That Sound Like They Belong Together

Finding the perfect name for your baby can be an arduous process. Do you go for something simple and elegant? Something unique and creative? Something that’s representative of your heritage? Parents of twins have double the baby name struggle: They have to find two perfect names. To make it all the more difficult, those names also need to sound nice together since parents will likely spend most of the next 18 years shouting them together as if they were one word.

We tried to take some of the hard work out of all this for parents of multiples by pairing up baby names for boys that sound just lovely together — so you can find a twin set that works for you. Some are based on the most popular baby names, and others are some older classics.

Whether they’re alliterative, thematic, or just plain sound great together, we’ve got more than 50 unique baby names for twin boys for you to peruse. You can even go nuts and mix and match.

Soundalike twin boy names

These baby names are very similar — whether they rhyme, or share a lot of the same syllables or sounds. Keep in mind that if you’re picking twin baby names that sound too close together, you may find yourself constantly calling one child by the other’s name.

  1. Elijah, Isaiah
  2. Jayden, Jaylen
  3. Ethan, Nathan
  4. Jayden, Kayden
  5. Jeremiah, Jeremy
  6. Landon, Logan
  7. Andrew, Matthew
  8. Chance, Chas
  9. Christian, Christopher
  10. Aiden, Jayden
  11. Gabriel, Michael
  12. Jordan, Justin
  13. Jason, Justin
  14. Oscar, Oliver
  15. Austin, Aspen

Twin boy name pairings that start with the same letter

You might opt to choose a pair of names that share the same first letter, to give you a matched set without choosing names that are too similar in style. Consider picking names that have very different sound beyond that first letter (such as pairing the hard “c” sound of Nicholas with the softer Noah).

  1. Atticus, Asher
  2. Silas, Sebastian
  3. Cassius, Callum
  4. Levi, Liam
  5. Matthew, Michael
  6. James, John
  7. Jeremiah, Joshua
  8. Logan, Lucas
  9. Jacob, Joseph
  10. Maddox, Mason
  11. Logan, Luke
  12. Hayden, Hunter
  13. Garrett, Gavin
  14. Brandon, Bryan
  15. Nathan, Noah
  16. Alexander, Andrew
  17. Alexander, Anthony
  18. Elijah, Ethan
  19. Nathan, Nicholas
  20. Nicholas, Noah
  21. Liam, Logan
  22. Jayden, Joshua

Twin baby names that share a certain style

Whether you opt for Biblical names, names from pop culture, or simply a pair of popular names for boys, choosing two names that share a style is the best option for twins. (You don’t want to give one child the classic name William, and the other a rock-n-roll style name like Spike.)

  1. Caleb, Joshua
  2. Alexander, Benjamin
  3. Alexander, Nicholas
  4. Andrew, Benjamin
  5. Benjamin, Samuel
  6. Jacob, Lucas
  7. Aiden, Ethan
  8. Aidan, Noah
  9. Logan, Mason
  10. Benjamin, William
  11. Henry, William
  12. Jonah, Noah
  13. Matthew, Nathan

Celebrity twin boy names

Looking for a little pop culture inspiration? Check out these cute twin boy names from some of our favorite celebrities.

  • Malachi and Roman — model Ashley Graham
  • Tristan and Sasha — actor Chris Hemsworth & model Elsa Pataky
  • Hunter and Jake – model Niki Taylor
  • Nelson and Eddy – singer Céline Dion
  • Cy and Bowie — actor Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego
  • Christian and Edward – actor Mel Gibson
  • Matthew and Gregory – actor and comedian Ray Romano
  • Julian and Aaron – actor Robert De Niro
  • Henry and Rufus– singer James Taylor
  • Kristopher and John – actor Jane Seymour
  • Gus and John – actor Julie Bowen
  • Matteo and Valentino – singer Ricky Martin

Twin baby name themes

You can get even more creative with your sons’ baby names, and opt for a pair of boys’ names that have something more subtle in common. Perhaps you’ll pick two place names (like Austin and London), two nature names (River and Jasper), or two cowboy names (like Wyatt and Jesse).

A version of this article was originally published in June 2011. 

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