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George & Charlotte Have Separate Christmas Trees Thanks to Grandma

Carole Middleton, mom of the Duchess of Cambridge (formerly Kate Middleton), recently proved she’s just your run-of-the-mill doting grandma — despite the fact that three of her grandchildren are in direct line of succession to the throne of England. Carole Middleton recently granted her first interview ever to The Telegraph and chatted frankly about her unexpected life in the spotlight as well as Christmas plans with her famous relatives.

Middleton and her husband, Michael, live 50 miles west of their duchess daughter’s London home in the town adorably named Bucklebury. What’s a Bucklebury Christmas like at the Middletons’? Well, for one thing, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and likely Prince Louis and their cousin, baby Arthur (Pippa Middleton’s new son), will each have a Christmas tree in their guest rooms. Grandmas spoil. That’s just what they do.

Arthur and Louis probably won’t be up to the task, but Carole Middleton said she hopes George and Charlotte will want to “decorate [their trees] themselves.” Awww. That is A+ granny behavior for sure.

“Life is really normal — most of the time,” Middleton told The Telegraph. Still, don’t expect Middleton to be dishing on daughter Kate’s palace life. “Over the years, it’s proved wise not to say anything,” she said. She’s not just a fun grandma, but a loyal mom too.

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Middleton also steers clear of news stories about her family (royal and adjacently royal). “[At first,] I thought it was better to know what people thought. But it doesn’t make any different. I’m not really sure how I’m perceived now,” she mused.

Middleton runs an extremely successful 30-year-old event-planning business, Party Pieces. And don’t expect her to quit anytime soon despite her longing to travel. “I don’t see myself stopping [work],” she said. “I’d love to travel but then I’d miss the grandchildren.”

Rebecca English, royal correspondent for the Daily Mail, reported that George and Charlotte have visited Middleton at Party Pieces. According to English, George likes to pretend to be a shopkeeper and was spotted receiving a bag of candy from Middleton.

“One visitor spotted George sitting in the ‘front of house,’ exclaiming excitedly ‘Oh my gosh!’ as his indulgent granny gave him a bag of sweets for being a good boy,” as reported by English.

How does Kate feel about all the grandma-doting of her royal brood? English said, “Kate understands only too well that it is a grandparent’s prerogative to spoil their grandchildren — and still laughs about how she once called home from a foreign tour to speak to her mother, who was looking after George, only for him to tell her earnestly that his granny had given him ‘chips, again’ for dinner.”

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Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will get to spend Christmas with their Middleton grandparents every other year, as Kate and husband Prince William and must alternate between there and the annual royal Christmas at the queen’s private estate, Sandringham.

So, what will the family be having on Christmas Day? Town and Country reports that Carole Middleton has recently shifted to a vegan/flexitarian diet (meaning meat is allowed from time to time). Middleton remarked, “I’d probably have two options — very traditional and something vegan.” And for Christmas lunch, she’ll have Champagne and smoked salmon on hand. Plus her “essentials” include mulled wine and mince pies — so very British. No wine for her grandchildren, of course — but they’ll be busy decorating their very own Christmas trees from their adoring granny.

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