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Miranda Kerr Says She’s Fully Embracing Her ‘Mum-Bod’

Miranda Kerr is doing things differently now that she’s a mother of two — including being kinder to her body. “It’s really important as women that we’re gentle with ourselves and don’t feel like we have to snap back into shape after a baby,” she recently told Marie Claire Australia. “It’s OK, I’ve got a mum-bod, and it’s fine!”

The Victoria’s Secret model-turned-skin care mogul welcomed her second son, Hart, whom she had with husband Evan Spiegel, in May, and she made it clear she’s in no rush to get back to her supermodel physique.

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“I don’t mind. It’s all part of it,” Kerr added. “I took nine months — well, ten months — to grow a beautiful child, and it might take ten months to feel good in a swimsuit again. Or longer. Or never!”

OK, for many of us, Kerr’s “mum-bod” may be just “regular-bod” goals. (Seriously, she’s still got her model status.) But, her message to women and new parents is powerful. So many tabloids rip into which new moms “bounced back” and which ones are struggling to drop the baby weight. Even seemingly well-meaning parenting sites boast headlines like, “How to Lose the Baby Weight & Keep It Off for Good.”

The pressure to be perfect has grown even stronger thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, where thousands of bubbly moms with massive followings (dubbed “Instamoms“) post about their gorgeous homes, healthy meals, trendy workouts and kids with better fashion senses than most adults have. It’s hard enough for many people to clear the dishes at the end of a long day, let alone maintain an ideally curated lifestyle, which is why it’s great that Kerr, an Instamom in her own right, is pulling back the curtain and letting fans know she doesn’t have all the answers either.

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Does she get insecure sometimes? Sure, but at the end of the day, she told Marie Claire there’s only one thing she cares about most: her kids.

“I love being a mum,” she said. “It’s the most rewarding thing.”

So, be nice to yourself and your bodies. The less time you spend worrying about baby weight, the more time you can make for the things and people who matter most. Right?

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