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Julie Bowen Opens Up About Co-parenting Following Divorce

If there’s one thing life has taught us as we’ve gotten older, it’s that sometimes, things don’t go the way we planned and we have to learn how to make the best of it anyway. This lesson is something actor Julie Bowen knows all too well in the wake of her divorce from ex-husband Scott Phillips; instead of letting the life change drag her down, she’s focusing her attention on her kids: 11-year-old Oliver and 9-year-old twins John and Gustav.

“My kids are good, and that’s what matters, you know?” Bowen told Us Weekly while attending the Baby2Baby Gala over the weekend.

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“Scott, my ex-husband, was stopping by to pick them up and somebody fell, and then we’re just staring at each other,” she said. “We have our fingers crossed that it’s not broken.”

In addition to being accident-prone (honestly, what kid isn’t), Bowen has said in the past that her three sons have been a great form of support throughout her significant life change.

“The beauty of having three children is they don’t give you much time for thinking,” she told Us back in April. “They’re like a crash course in being in the now.”

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As difficult as things can be (let’s face it: no breakup, no matter how friendly, is ever truly easy), Bowen is confident she and her ex will continue to instill values like compassion and empathy in their sons. “They know that I’m a very strong and independent person, and I hope that I’m raising them with enough respect,” she told SheKnows in April. “Their dad’s a super-kind guy, so I hope we’re baking it in.”

Bowen added that it’s important to her that she and her ex be honest with the kids, even if the subject matter (say, a divorce) is uncomfortable. “If they ask a question, I’ll answer it. I don’t offer other information that they’re not looking for, but they know how babies are made, where they come from, what sexual violence is and how people are supposed to behave and not behave,” the Modern Family star told SheKnows. “It was never, ‘We’re gonna sit down and have this conversation.’ As soon as I felt they were old enough, I included these conversations in everything.”

Co-parenting isn’t always a breeze, but it sounds like Bowen and Phillips are sailing along just fine as they navigate their very own modern family.

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