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I’m 8 weeks postpartum and I’m still not ready to have sex. Is this normal?

Immediately following the birth of your baby chances are the last thing on your mind is sex! But what do you do if you just aren’t ready to have sex at six weeks postpartum? Dr David Barrere offers some advice.

Your question
I’m eight weeks postpartum and I’m still not ready to have sex. Is this normal?

The expert answers
The amount of time that passes before sexual relations resume after childbirth varies from person to person because of several factors.

Because of pain from an episiotomy or tearing, or incisional pain from a c-section, intercourse may be prolonged for an extended period of time until it becomes comfortable.

Breastfeeding mothers can have transient drops in estrogen levels, which may result in vaginal dryness, again making intercourse uncomfortable.

In my practice, the most common reason that sex is delayed is from alterations in sleep patterns. Dealing with the topsy-turvy world of being a parent combined with sleep deprivation would cause anyone’s libido to drop.

As things stabilize and you completely heal, the desire will return.

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