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Guess How Much Money Cardi B Refused for Pictures of Baby Kulture

Cardi B is known for oversharing. She often divulges the most personal, jaw-dropping and, at times, downright uncomfortable personal information on her social media platforms — from boasting about her upcoming “titty renovation” on Instagram to lamenting about her “broken” vagina on Jimmy Kimmel Live! But one thing she won’t allow to become headline fodder is her daughter, Kulture. 

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“Me and my husband… We just don’t wanna show our baby right now,” Cardi told Apple Music’s Ebro Darden on Wednesday. “I got offered seven figures [for baby pictures] — over a million. I’m just not ready yet.” 

It’s easy to understand why. Since Cardi announced her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live, she said she has received hateful, horrific comments regarding the safety and health of her child. These messages have gotten worse in recent months, as some paparazzi and bloggers have tried to capture her every move. 

“These photographers, these bloggers — y’all not the ones that get threats to y’all kids,” she continued. “I’m not lying. I could show you screenshots of comments. My phone number got leaked. I got so many disgusting text messages that I literally had to hire a private investigator.” 

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She doesn’t seem to be exaggerating either. The new mom said at least one person commented that a pregnant Cardi should have been with her husband, Offset, in a gruesome car crash that left him hospitalized in May. Trolls have also attacked the rapper for being Offset’s “fourth baby mom,” as if his past relationships somehow disqualify her from having her own family. (News flash: It doesn’t!)

We applaud Cardi for doing what she thinks is best for her family unit, haters be damned. 

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