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Mindy Kaling’s Daughter Is Not Impressed by Her Singing

Good luck getting a peek at Mindy Kaling’s daughter, Katherine Swati. The baby is now 9 months old, and Kaling has managed to keep her (and Katherine’s baby daddy, damn it!) hidden from the world at large. Impressive.

But fortunately for Kaling lovers (like us), she talks about motherhood — and all the weirdness that comes with it — and we eat up every one of her anecdotes. Kaling revealed to Today that baby Katherine has tons of energy to spare. So it makes sense that her jumper seat is her absolute favorite thing in the world.

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“She’s obsessed with this bouncer thing that we hooked up the ceiling, she sits in it and bounces all day, and she feels so powerful. My kid is really energetic. She burns off so much energy doing it. It’s fantastic,” Kaling said.

Baby Katherine’s second favorite thing in the world? “She loves pop-up books. The Sandra Boynton books, she loves. Moo Boo La La La. Not to name-drop, but Oprah [Winfrey] gave it to me. She gave me a shelf full of books. It was one of a 100 of them,” Kaling raved.

Kaling and Winfrey have been close friends since filming A Wrinkle in Time with Reese Witherspoon. When Katherine was 6 months old, Kaling joked to Ellen DeGeneres on her show that Katherine somehow just knew she was in the presence of greatness.

“The minute we went in, I was like, ‘Katherine, please, please. You have no idea how high the stakes are right now.’ And we walked in the door, and her eyes went wide and she stopped crying, like she knew she was in Oprah’s house,” Kaling told DeGeneres. “And then she was just, like, coyly smiling and being adorable for the next four hours.”

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But possibly Kaling’s best mom moment yet? The fact that she sings “banana-na-na-na” to the tune of Camila Cabello’s “Havana” as she tries to feed bananas to her daughter at the breakfast table. Like we said, #SoRelatable.

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That’s OK, Mindy. Our kids think we are totally lame too. That just means you’re on the right track as a mom. Keep up the good work.

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