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Kelly Clarkson & Savannah Guthrie’s Daughters Are BFFs for Life, & It’s Adorable

Apparently, Savannah Guthrie’s daughter, Vale, and Kelly Clarkson’s daughter, River Rose — both 4 years old — are now best friends. Gotta hand it to those Today parties.

Today celebrated International Day of the Girl Child on Thursday, and Guthrie and Clarkson happily led their girls onstage to participate in the festivities. And what festivities! Performers included Jennifer Hudson and Meghan Trainor, with Clarkson joining in. 

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Meanwhile, the two new little besties danced together, hugged each other, touched each other’s faces lovingly, and generally melted everyone into a gooey pool of drippy candle wax.

Guthrie posted several super-sweet shots of the girls on Instagram, and commenters raved (and we know how rare it is to find some happy raving in comment threads):

This was so adorable! Loved watching,” wrote one fan.

“They stole the show!” said another.

“They are so adorable!!!” squealed one more. (Yes. We could hear the squeals from the office.)

And our fave comment: ” These pictures are EVERYTHING!! The pure joy, love, acceptance between these two is so beautiful!! During a time when we see so much pain and destruction seeing these two gives me hope and fills my soul with joy!!”

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“They are best friends now and cannot be separated!” Guthrie, Today cohost, told Us after the big event. “They actually cried when they had to say goodbye to each other. It is a long distance relationship since they live in Nashville and we live in New York.”

There were some major names there — Michelle Obama, Karlie Kloss, Zendaya, and Hoda Kotb — but Vale only had eyes for River, who is the protagonist in Vale’s fave book, River Rose and the Magical Lullaby by Clarkson.

“For her, the biggest star today was River Rose,” Guthrie continued. “She doesn’t know who Kelly Clarkson is — no idea! It’s all about River Rose.”

Guthrie couldn’t have been happier watching the girls bond. “My favorite moment was seeing my daughter out there dancing like nobody’s watching because that’s just who she is. I love her fearlessness. And that’s what this whole day is about! It’s about girls who have that fire in them,” Guthrie said. “Girls who have potential. Girls who want to dance or sing or be doctors or scientists. Girls getting an education so they can be whoever they want to be.”

Clarkson had a blast too, posting a shot of herself with none other than Michelle Obama and River:

Ah, the fun! The sweetness of a very special day for girls! Long-distance friendships are hard, but we have a feeling Vale and River Rose (and Clarkson and Obama and Guthrie) may just have created a lifelong connection. Excuse us while we text our BFFs now.

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