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These 3 Girls Dressed as the Hocus Pocus Witches, & It’s Perfect

Watch out; these three sisters are plotting to put a spell on you!

Halloween’s not even here yet, but the pint-size Grabenstein sisters from Waco, Texas (you may know it as Chip and Joanna Gaines’ stomping grounds) have already won the worldwide title of best joint costume. The girls — Landri, 6, and twins Alli and Maddi, 8 — couldn’t wait for the 31st to roll around before dressing as their favorite film trio, the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus.  

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“October 1st rolls around and they’re asking, ‘Mommy, can we watch Hocus Pocus?'” the girls’ mom, Heather Grabenstein told Good Morning America. Inspired by the brisk weather, Grabenstein told her daughters she’d take things one step further and enlisted help from Heather Rust Photography to transform her little witches into Halloween icons. 

In the photos, each Grabenstein sister assumes a different identity and totally nails her role. Maddi sported bright-orange hair and a perfect pucker to portray Winifred (Bette Midler), Alli popped in pink as she played Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker), and Landri slayed as the ever-hilarious Mary (Kathy Najimy). 

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“They totally get into character, which is so funny,” Grabenstein told GMA. Photographer Heather Rust agreed, adding, “They are the sassiest little things.” 

Speaking of getting into character, Hocus Pocus is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and while I’m not typically huge on remakes, I think the Grabenstein gals should definitely throw their witch hats into the ring to star in a reboot. Maybe they could even gather up some of the old cast, who recently reunited for a special screening of the film. To keep things fresh, perhaps Lil Bub or Grumpy Cat could portray Thackery Binx? (I don’t know. I’m just spitballing here.)

The only problem with these costumes is that they’re so good. Is it possible they could ever top them? Grabenstein isn’t entirely sure, but she’s “going to figure out something,” she says.

We’re counting on it, girls.

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