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Gisele Bündchen Says She’s Put Her ‘Magical’ Breast Milk in Some Pretty Wacky Places

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen — wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady — definitely took breastfeeding to the next level. Convinced of her breast milk’s curative properties, Bündchen wasn’t shy about using it for just about everything. Hey, if you can’t get your hands on unicorn milk, we suppose supermodel milk is the next best thing.

Bündchen told People, “My kids never got sick when I was breastfeeding.” She referred to her breast milk as “a magical thing.” Really. 

“If they had something in their eyes, I’d put milk in their eyes,” Bündchen said. “Before their flight, I would get a dropper and put milk up their nose … to [ward off] the bacteria on the plane.” According to People, Bündchen also explained that she added her breast milk to her kids’ cereal. So there’s that.

We like to wipe down our armrests and seat table with supermodel breast milk whenever possible too. But it’s so hard to come by.

Not for Bündchen, though! Apparently, Bündchen was a veritable fount of breast milk. When it was time to wean her kids, she prepared a stockpile of her frozen breast milk to keep around for the future for any ailments — or house repairs. (OK, we’re kidding about the house repairs. There’s WD-40 for that. But we do kind of love imagining an off-the-grid, underground breast milk bunker in the backyard of the Bündchen-Brady manse.)

Her pediatrician encouraged Bündchen to bottle her milk, saying it would be “the perfect medicine for everything,” as Bündchen quoted her doc to People. And she clearly took this advice to heart.

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“I mean, I was one crazy person,” she told People, “but I felt like it was such a gift that I had.”

What’s her secret? From her Instagram, we’re guessing yoga — and exposing those breasts regularly to the sunrise.

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It should be noted, of course, that very few women have it this easy when it comes to breastfeeding. And in her interview with People, Bündchen seemed aware of her good fortune. “[One of my sisters] couldn’t produce enough milk and so it was very challenging for two of them to breastfeed and I was so grateful that I was able to,” she said. “I felt like it was a big gift that I was given to be able to do that.”

Bündchen also referred to breastfeeding as “the most wonderful experience of my life,” but did admit that pumping “was very hard” (we’re with you on that, Gisele).

Whether breast milk is truly “magical” or not, we’re glad to know even supermodels agree that breast pumps suck. Literally and figuratively.

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