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Reese Witherspoon Made Quite an Impression at Son Tennessee’s School

Our vote for best celeb mom classroom volunteer (whew, say that fast 10 times) is definitely Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon and her husband, Jim Toth, decided to really commit to their son’s school’s “Mystery Reader” event. Son Tennessee is now 6, and we can only imagine that his class was over the moon when Witherspoon and Toth entered the classroom as Piggie and Gerald the Elephant from author Mo Willems’ super-popular children’s book series.

Want to guess who went as Piggie?

“It’s a big day, today we’ve got something very exciting that we’re headed to do,” Witherspoon posted to Instagram on Wednesday. “In order to disguise my identity, I will be wearing this hat … or head.”

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The ruse was temporary, as the Big Little Lies actor happily revealed her true identity to Tennessee and his classmates with great fanfare. Toth read the class Willems’ I Really Like Slop! Little did these 6-year-olds know that they were in the presence of an actor who recently (in character) got to throw an ice cream cone at Hollywood legend Meryl Streep, an experience Witherspoon called a “top five career moment.” We are seriously jealous.

Witherspoon is on fire these days — and we’re not one bit surprised the role of mystery reader was one she was dying to play. Her own book, Whiskey in a Teacup, came out on Sept. 18.

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Witherspoon also has two other children with her ex, actor Ryan Phillippe. Daughter Ava and son Deacon are seriously mini-mes of their famous parents. Like, double-take whoa.

It’s been an especially good month for her youngest, though. Tennessee recently celebrated his sixth birthday, as documented sweetly by Witherspoon on Instagram. The Witherspoon Southern Force is clearly strong in this one. Just look at that polo-belt-khakis combo, will you?

Renaissance Reese is knocking us out with all her achievements — but it’s clear that her kids are her forever love. It’s also clear that there’s nobody we’d rather have some whiskey in a teacup with.

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