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Jeremy Roloff Is Being Dad-Shamed for Tossing Baby Ember in the Air

I would keep a running tally of all the reasons Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff has been mom-shamed, but I’d probably collapse in exhaustion. But until now, her husband, Jeremy Roloff, has emerged unscathed — even when an Instagram photo shared by Audrey showed “naked” baby Ember with her dad. 

It’s no secret that mom-shaming is a far-too-common occurrence, but there’s a reason the term dad-shaming hasn’t really taken off: It typically doesn’t occur. 

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But Jeremy got a tiny taste of what his wife deals with so often when he posted an Instagram photo of himself tossing baby Ember in the air during a recent visit to Nashville. 

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Jeremy Roloff’s Instagram followers quickly offered some seriously unconstructive criticism, with some calling him “stupid” an “idiot” and reminding him that his child “isn’t a circus act.” (We’re pretty sure Roloff is aware of this fact, but that’s neither here nor there.) Others came to his defense, pointing out that most kids love being thrown in the air and Ember looked like she was having a perfectly good time. 

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Unless the circumstances are extreme, it’s not OK to shame any parent for how they choose to raise their children. But it’s no secret that women are nearly always the ones to be shamed and criticized for every little choice they make. For once, a celeb dad with thousands of followers is getting called out for his parenting and, if there’s an upside to this, we hope it makes fathers more aware of what moms deal with as a matter of course. 

In the meantime, parent-shamers everywhere can take a seat. 

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