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Mindy Kaling Hopes Meghan Markle Will Help Plan Her Daughter’s First Birthday

Actor Mindy Kaling is best known for her roles on The Office and The Mindy Project; however, Kaling wants to add another credential to her résumé: royal BFF. According to E! News, Kaling is moving to London. Top on her to-do list? She wants to befriend the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan (née Markle).

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“So I’m moving to London, I’m gonna be completely friendless,” Kaling told the outlet. Does “Meghan Markle maybe want to be in my life?” the actor asked.

But Kaling doesn’t just want Meghan’s friendship. She also specifically hopes that Meghan will help her throw a birthday party for her daughter, Katherine. “Maybe she can throw the first birthday party for my daughter,” she told E! News. 

We have a feeling that would be one badass birthday party. Of course, it’s unclear whether Meghan has any party-planning experience, but hey, she is the new People’s Royal — is there anything she can’t do?

During the interview, Kaling also spoke refreshingly about how parenting is turning out to be… easier than she thought? “The great thing about motherhood is that you always worry when you’re pregnant, like, ‘Oh am I gonna be a good mother? I’m so busy and everything.’ But the great thing is, you live with this person, and they creep and seep into every aspect of your life, so it’s almost impossible not to be a good mom because I’m always with my baby.”

And Kaling is right. While parenting is tough, it is one of those jobs that can really only be learned through trial and error.

Kaling also revealed that she now chooses actual jobs (the ones that pay, that is) based on how they suit her schedule. “I’ve picked projects specifically that can suit this lifestyle,” Kaling told E! News. And yes, she does realize this flexibility is a luxury most women don’t have access to. “I know not every mom does,” Kaling said, but “I wish that they did.”

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But OK, back to Kaling and Meghan: Can we help make this burgeoning friendship/party-planning business happen? Because come on: Little Katherine Kaling having playdates with the next batch of royal gingers? We can hardly wait. 

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