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The Bachelor’s Bekah Martinez Was Freaked Out by Her Unexpected Pregnancy

Let’s get one thing straight: It’s not Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s, y’all.

Bekah Martinez is 21 weeks pregnant, and the father is her boyfriend Grayston Leonard. And nope, they weren’t planning to get pregnant. Apparently, their chosen birth control flat-out failed — and the two are going to be parents. Check out this gorgeous couple:

The former Bachelor contestant dished on her pregnancy (which she announced on Sunday) in a YouTube video.

“This wasn’t in the plan, so it wasn’t right away, like, a, ‘Oh, my God, yes! This is so exciting! We’re going to have a baby!’ It was like, ‘Oh, wow…'” she said.
Though the news was initially shocking, she and Leonard are feeling much more excited about the baby on the way — and amazed by the odds. Martinez officially announced her pregnancy in PureWow

“Our method of birth control failed,” Martinez said. “I thought, ‘What are the odds that it’ll just take once [to get pregnant]’… Well, spoiler — it just took once!”

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Martinez, a former child nanny, described the baby on the way as “literally a dream come true” in the PureWow interview. “I’ve gone back and forth on the idea of marriage and relationships, but I’ve always felt sure that I want to be a mom.”

We’re kind of dying to know what Luyendyk’s thinking right now. But for Martinez, meh, who’s Arie? She’s busy enjoying her second trimester. “I feel really healthy and alive and I feel really dynamic and excited about everything,” she said.

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Due date for Baby Martinez-Leonard? It’s Jan. 29, but Martinez said she has a hunch the baby is going to be a little bit late. “My birthday is Feb. 10, and of course it would be kind of like a big cosmic joke if I have to plan birthday parties for however many years for somebody else instead of myself, but you know what? That’s what motherhood is kind of about,” she said.

And the mama-to-be is going back to UC Irvine to finish her degree according to an Instagram post on Thursday. And rumor has it she and Leonard may have already tied the knot. Whoa!

We love her infectious attitude — and we’re so glad Luyendyk cut her loose to do her own thing. And you know Bachelor Nation is hoping Chris Harrison can talk Martinez into a televised birth on some margarita-soaked desert island. We’d be on board for that, for the record.

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