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Cardi B Reveals She Tapes Her Post-Baby Breasts — & the Internet Can Relate

Pregnancy changes your body. A lot. From hormonal changes to weight gain, the entire nine-month experience is nothing short of a wild ride. However, one of the most common changes both during and after pregnancy involves a woman’s breasts, i.e., they grow, they swell, they become engorged and then, in most cases, they sink southward. Or shrink. And Cardi B knows these struggles all too well.

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On Thursday, the singer took to Instagram to share her very hilarious — and very relatable — frustrations.

“Oh, this shit is crazy. I have never done this shit in my life, but fuck it,” Cardi B said. “I have to fucking tape my titties up, because son!”

(Yes, that’s right: Cardi B admitted that her breasts now droop so much she is now taping them up.)

In the video, you can see Cardi’s duct tape “straps.” You can also see the top of her breasts and her cleavage.

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Kulture did me bad 😩

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Cardi B explained that her breast changes began before her pregnancy with Kulture.

“Like, my titties were already like a little low-low because I got my tits done when I was 19, and I never wore a bra and shit,” but she said in the video that during pregnancy, things were good. “When I was pregnant, my shit was looking nice.”

But Cardi is not happy with her breasts now, and the singer admits she will be undergoing breast augmentation surgery in the near future.

“I don’t give a fuck, if y’all motherfuckers see me gone in November, December. I’m getting my tits done. I don’t give a fuck,” Cardi said. “Matter of fact, I’m not even going to call it a surgery. I’m just going to say a ‘titty renovation’ because I got to renovate these shits.”

Of course, Cardi’s struggles — and comments — resonated with many women. In fact, some took to Twitter to share their virtual camaraderie. 

And we totally get it. We understand.

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So, more power to you, Cardi. Do whatever makes you feel sexy, sassy and good.

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