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See Ya, Maternity Leave: Kate Middleton Is Back to Her Official Royal Duties

Yes, it’s true. Sorry, Prince Louis. Mom of three Kate Middleton — now the Duchess of Cambridge — will be returning to her royal duties on Tuesday. The duchess-we-keep-calling-a-princess will make an official visit to the Sayers Croft Forest School and Wildlife Garden at Paddington Recreation Ground. And that’s a wrap on maternity leave.

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At the school, the duchess will learn about its mission: exposing thousands of urban students to the great outdoors and encouraging them to partake in nature activities.

Kate will also participate in other royal engagements during October through the end of 2018. In 2019, she’ll be back up to her usual busy speed.

It’s not like Kate vanished after her third child arrived on the scene in April. She’s been a very visible (and very fashionable) presence at numerous weddings, including the very high-profile wedding of her brother-in-law, Prince Harry, to then-actor Meghan Markle (yes, we know — Prince George and Princess Charlotte stole the show there).

Kate was also on hand in June for the queen’s annual birthday bash, Trooping the Colour (nope, we still don’t know what that means either, but apparently the queen loves it). And Kate and William also made a public appearance with all three children for Louis’s baptism in July.

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Her last days of maternity leave this summer have been sweet indeed. The duchess attended Wimbledon two times in the same weekend (once with sister-in-law Duchess Meghan of Sussex and once with husband Prince William). She was also spotted relaxing at one of William’s charity polo matches while Princess Charlotte and Prince George played nearby in the grass.

It’s clear Kate adores kids — as her official work duties reveal. She is particularly interested in mental health advocacy for children and teenagers and spearheads the Heads Together initiative with Prince William and Prince Harry.

Kate “feels it’s an incredible privilege to be a mum,” Peter Fonagy, head of the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, told People. “She’s very keen on children and keen that they should be happy … Part of her interest in prevention is to make sure that she does things right in her own parenting.”

Fonagy added, “She’s genuinely interested in how to make children’s lives better — and what parents and professionals can do to positively influence the lives of children.”

What’s not to love about Kate Middleton? Can we petition the queen to make her a princess already, please?

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