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Jason Sudeikis & Olivia Wilde’s Son Thinks Dad Has a Lego Stuck in His Nose

Actor Olivia Wilde confirmed to Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night that the rumors are true: Her fiancé, Jason Sudeikiswas born without a sense of smell — or taste. 

“Apparently, it took quite a while for him to realize it,” Wilde said to Kimmel. “I had weirdly heard it from our mutual friends, and it was an awkward thing I brought up on our first date. I was like, ‘I heard you don’t smell so great.’” Oopsie.

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Sudeikis, an SNL alum, never really had a problem with his smell or taste deficit — that is, until the couple’s kids, Otis, 4, and Daisy, 2, arrived on the scene. “When our kids were born, he had a real Forrest Gump moment where he was like, ‘Is he normal? Can he smell?’” Wilde said. 

Son Otis is very worried about his dad’s condition and is pretty sure he can fix it himself. “Otis can smell, which is lucky for him,” Wilde continued. “He’s like, ‘Dad, there is a Lego up your nose. You just have to breathe out really hard.’ He tries to coach him. He holds his face. He’s like, ‘I’m gonna get it. Don’t worry.’“

Like Otis, Wilde also wishes Sudeikis could smell the good things in life. “Sautéing onions. Garlic and onions. The beginning of a pasta,” she said. Mmmm. Poor guy.

But Wilde said there are benefits that come along with Sudeikis not being able to smell. “…I guess if you’re gonna lose a sense… New York in the summertime, you don’t want your sense of smell.”

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True story. Wilde occasionally posts personal pics on Instagram, like this super-sweet birthday post. No sense of smell needed to appreciate all the family love here.

Wilde captioned the adorable shot, “What could I possibly ask for on this 34th birthday? Just endless health and happiness for these magical maniacs. Thank you thank you thank you, a million times, thank you.”

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