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Would Alicia Silverstone Really Ask Her Ex to Have Another Baby With Her?

Alicia Silverstone’s parenting style has yielded a lot of headlines over the past seven years. There was the time she posted a video of herself bird-feeding her son, Bear. Then Silverstone shocked fans by admitting she ran a diaper-free household in which she monitored her son’s “elimination needs” to make sure she got him to a toilet in time. And of course, who could forget the times she advocated for sharing a family bed and not vaccinating your kids? 

Silverstone’s said and done some controversial things in the past, which is why a recent Working Mother article that states Silverstone would be willing to ask her ex-husband, Christopher Jarecki, “for an assist” in conceiving another child — is strange but isn’t all that shocking. Although, it’s worth noting the article includes no direct quote from Silverstone that spells this out.

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She did reveal during the interview that she’s never been more serious about adding another child (or two) to her family, and she won’t let her single status get in the way. 

“I have always dreamed of having a little girl, but of course I want another little Bear too,” she said. “So whatever happens, if it happens, is good by me. I’m not in a relationship, but there are other ways to make babies.” 

Silverstone and Jarecki split in February after 12 years of marriage, but according to their joint statement, they left things on good terms. “They still deeply love and respect each other and remain very close friends,” the statement read. Close enough to make another baby together? If she could make bird-feeding her kid work, who’s to say she couldn’t work out procreating with an ex?!

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But why the rush now? According to Silverstone, she’s craving a little more connection since her son “is now fiercely independent.”  

“That’s another reason I want to have a baby: Bear doesn’t need me,” she said. “I mean, of course, he needs me, but he’s so free.”

From the sound of things, Bear runs the show wherever he goes. “He’s always talking to people, asking if he could help them,” she explained. “He buses tables at restaurants. He hands things out and takes the trash back on airplanes… One day he came to set with me for the whole day. He was doing the sound machine and the clapper. And he used to come to the theater with me when I did Broadway. He would pretend he was the stage manager, and he would help us rehearse.” 

Sounds like he’s totally ready to take on the responsibilities of an older brother — regardless of wherever that little brother or sister may come from. 

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