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These Twin Sisters Gave Birth on the Same Day, & Their Story Is Amazing

Identical twin sisters Jalynne April Crawford and Janelle Ann Leopoldo have always dreamed of giving birth at the same time. But what are the chances, right? Well, in Crawford and Leopoldo’s case, the chances were exceptionally slim. As Crawford told People this week, both women had difficulty conceiving. 

Due to polycystic ovarian syndrome, Leopoldo dealt with fertility issues and had an ectopic pregnancy. Meanwhile, Crawford had two miscarriages before this pregnancy. But the stars aligned and the sisters were overjoyed to learn in the same week that both were pregnant with boys.

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“When I got the text my face lit up,” Crawford told People. “I got chills in my arm and then seconds later she called and we were both like ‘Thank you, thank you God.'” 

Of course, the next challenge was distance. The twins’ parents naturally wanted to be present for both births — but Crawford lives in Arizona and Leopoldo resides in California. So the sisters made arrangements to be in the same location on the big day. 

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After consulting with their doctors to ensure it was safe to deliver on the same day, Leopoldo headed to Arizona six weeks before the sisters’ shared due date. “We both made it to 39 weeks and made it to our scheduled delivery day,” Crawford explained. 

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On June 18, Crawford, Leopoldo, their husbands and, of course, the twins’ parents headed to the hospital. The sisters gave birth within several hours of each other and were moved to neighboring recovery rooms shortly thereafter.

“We’re going to remember this for the rest of our lives,” Crawford said, adding that now-3-month-old cousins Bryson Ryder and Jace Alan are “best friends already.” 

I’m not crying — there’s something in my eye.  

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