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Princess Charlotte May Be a Natural Boss, but She’s a Killer Host Too

Oh, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. The second child of Prince William and Duchess Catherine (aka Kate Middleton) just does us in with her spunky, bigger-than-life personality. Case in point: The scene-stealer even managed to swipe the limelight in this family photo following the christening of her little brother, Prince Louis.

The little princess with a big attitude even stole the show at the baptism when she royally forbade photographers from following her family into a private brunch by commanding, “NOT YOU!” in a tone worthy of any great queen. Charlotte is fourth in line to the throne, but we’re pretty sure she’d be able to assume the title tomorrow without much problem. The kid is a royal natural, people. Did we mention she also photobombed a certain royal wedding with her tongue stuck out?

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But we’re loving the latest reports that Princess Charlotte has another cherished role besides boss of Kensington Palace: perfect host. We are suddenly very much in the mood for a tea and a watercress sandwich.

It’s Us Weekly that reports Charlotte adores approaching guests to take their food and drink orders. She’ll apparently offer them tea or coffee or sweets — melt, melt, melt. The magazine reports that she’s “very bubbly,” like a fine glass of Champagne. Go, Charlotte!

Add style influencer to her résumé while you’re at it. The annual U.K. Retail Report by eBay was surprised to find that Charlotte’s recent flower crown at Uncle Harry’s wedding created a flower crown boom on eBay, with searches for similar items rising by 60 percent. Charlotte also ranked third place as a fashion influencer(!!), following her mom, Kate (No. 1), and her new auntie, Duchess Meghan (née Markle) of Sussex (No. 2).

Seriously, whatever Charlotte wears publicly sells out within minutes. That’s pretty impressive for someone who probably can’t spell her entire title just yet. A massive fan of Princess Charlotte, Harper Beckham recently took some crowning inspiration from her. Wow! The daughter of Posh Spice is taking style moves from Princess Charlotte. The mind reels.

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Not to get all political on you or anything, but we’re totally OK if Prince William and Prince George decide to abdicate the throne and leave the family business to Charlotte. It’s unlikely, but, oh, would it ever be fun to watch.

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