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Nicole Kidman Talks Work, Kids & Tabloid Gossip

Actor Nicole Kidman and her husband (none other than country singer Keith Urban) share two daughters — Faith, 7, and Sunday, 10 — and Kidman hopes her work creating characters has a positive effect on them, especially since the family has to deal with ridiculous tabloid gossip all the time. Kidman and Urban are just fine, people. Lay off, OK?

On Monday, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of her new film Destroyer at the Toronto International Film Festival, Kidman spoke about the challenges of balancing work and home life.

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“We were by the skin of our teeth trying to make this film, and I mean, my kids are always like, ‘What is she doing now? Our crazy mama,’” Kidman laughed about filming some of the movie at home. “But it’s also interesting for them, I think, because they see me creating characters and, you know, they have vivid imaginations themselves and they construct stories, and so that’s all they know.”

In Destroyer, Kidman plays a police detective reuniting with people in her distant past. In real life, Kidman and husband Urban spend their time shrugging off rumors about their present. The two have been the focus of endless speculation about their marriage — something Urban says definitely has the power to affect their girls in a negative way.

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The singer (an Australia native like Kidman) visited The Kyle and Jackie O radio show on Monday and talked about the effect the tabloid gossip about him and his wife has on his daughters.

“When you have kids, it changes it because that’s really hurtful to kids,” Urban explained on the show. “They don’t quite understand, and they go, ‘Why are they saying that?’ and you go, ‘Because it sells. It sells magazines. It’s the only reason they’re doing it.’ That part of it is a bit rough.”

Urban didn’t hold back his disdain for the gossip magazines.

“I probably find it a bit more absurd when you see a picture of Nic and I in Telluride where I was just with her and at the same time you read something, like that right next to it, and you go, ‘Well what a bunch of wankers,’” he exclaimed.

Urban insisted that friends and family who know them well find the rumors hilarious.

“They know. Everybody knows us. I particularly laugh when they go, ‘An inside source,’ because anyone who’s close to us knows how bullshit that is,” he said.

We’re not buying any of the tabloid BS. Kidman and Urban have never looked happier — with work or family or with each other.

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