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Chrissy Teigen Says Having Kids Changed Her Sex Life

Chrissy Teigen is busy. When she’s not cooking up new ideas (literally) for her cookbooks, holding the Trump administration accountable at public rallies, hosting a hit reality TV series or making her millions of fans laugh on Twitter, you can find her parenting her two adorable children, Miles and Luna. Something you won’t hear about her doing as often? Having sex with her husband, John Legend

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Teigen, ever the candid celebrity, recently opened up to Women’s Health for its October 2018 issue. In it, she talks about how having kids took a toll on her sex life. 

“It doesn’t matter who you are — even if you’re a sexy R&B crooner or an ex-swimsuit model, you’re just tired,” she told the magazine. “We still have that passion for each other, but are we doing it randomly in a dressing room? No! We’ll get back into it again. But it is funny: If he performs somewhere and I go, I’m like, ‘Oh, he’s sexy.’ We’ll probably have sex that night.” 

Intimacy isn’t the only thing that’s changed in her life since having children (well, that and having to hear Elmo’s voice nearly nonstop throughout the day — Luna loves him, apparently); Teigen said she’s also had to switch up her diet a bit. While she still occasionally loves eating her signature fried chicken wings, she now gravitates toward quicker, simpler recipes throughout the week. 

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“Two kids in, you can’t eat the way you used to. I changed, so the book had to change,” she told Women’s Health about her upcoming cookbook, Cravings: Hungry for More. “With the first book, I wanted to get people out of the headspace of a 15-minute meal with less than five ingredients. Now, I identify with the people who don’t have time for that shit.” 

But perhaps the most important thing that’s changed for Teigen now that she’s a mom? She’s more focused on her mental health than ever before. 

“After Luna, I was drinking too much,” she said. “I wasn’t eating as much because I was full from drinking. I wasn’t being good to my body. I remember being so bruised from nothing.” 

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Teigen, who’s been honest in the past about having had postpartum depression, said her outlook changed after some much-needed self-care, which for her, came in the form of an antidepressant and a wellness retreat. 

“It’s like, what could be more important than mental health?” she asked. “What’s more important than being proud of yourself and doing the best you can for your body?”

Her questions, as well as her honesty regarding her personal lived experiences, are so helpful for parents everywhere who are struggling to adjust to their new normals — whether they’re changing their diets and meal prep or modifying their intimacy schedules. Oh, Chrissy, what would we do without you? 

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