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Kristen Bell Shares Her Daughter’s Adorable Reaction to Her Parents’ Fame

There are many things we envy about celebrities’ lives, but raising kids in the spotlight isn’t on the list for most of us. One of the many reasons we love Kristen Bell, however, is her refreshing candor and honesty — particularly about navigating parenthood as a celebrity.

In an interview with PopSugar, the actor (and voice of Anna in Frozen, and Gossip Girl in Gossip Girl, lest we forget) shared that she and her husband, Dax Shepard, prepared for parenthood by speaking with friends who are the children of celebrities. 

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“Being friends with Jason Ritter [whose father is the late John Ritter] and people who have had a life similar to his, we’ve asked, ‘What did your parents do that you enjoyed? What did they do that you didn’t enjoy?'” Bell recalled. 

There was one piece of unanimous advice, and the couple is sticking to it: When they are in public as a family, their focus is solely on their children. For example, Bell said she won’t stop for pictures with fans when she’s with her kids. This is not due to “disregard or disrespect to my fans,” she explained. Rather, it’s because she needs to put her children first. 

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“It’s very hard for a five-year-old to understand why her mommy is paying attention to strangers and not her,” Bell told PopSugar. “And ultimately, her well-being is more important to me, so I find a nice way to say, ‘Oh, right now I’m Ms. Mom’ or ‘I don’t take pictures when I’m around my kids.'”

In fact, Bell has done such a great job of keeping her fame on the DL that her 5-year-old daughter, Lincoln, was shocked when Shepard referred to himself as “famous” while answering her questions about this podcast. When her dad gently pressed by asking, “Why do you think people ask me and Mommy for pictures when we’re out in public?” Lincoln’s adorable response was: “Mommy’s famous?!” 

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Although Bell and Shepard don’t harp on their fame at home, they are conscious of teaching Lincoln and 3-year-old Delta that they are far more privileged than most and frequently receive special treatment in a manner that isn’t normal.

“We constantly remind them how lucky we are,” Bell said. “We never let them take it for granted — not even the fact that we can pay our bills.” 

In addition to Bell’s viral (and totally relatable) sloth meltdown and her openness about living with mental illness, we love that she’s so committed to raising down-to-earth children. Then again, we’d expect nothing less from her. 

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